Friday, September 29, 2006

Bigger Boobs!

My OT called me yesterday and told me that I wasnt on her schedule for the day. I wasnt in the mood to drive to Greenwich so I didnt care either way. Now I have to reschedule for next week.

Today I had a PS appointment and he put another 60cc into each expander. He told me that I have to make a decision about whether or not I want them bigger because right now I am officially BIGGER than I was before I had the mastectomy. Thats what the doctor said and I was amazed that I didnt realize it. I told the PS that I think I want 1-2 more expansions but I am thinking more toward just 1 more expansion. He showed me the pictures that he took before my surgery and I never realized that even though my breasts might have the same mass as before, the mass is distributed differently. That just means that I am not saggy but perky. My thought process is that if my breasts are bigger than my waist will look smaller. Funny thing happened what I was leaving the office: The secretary/receptionist said, "You look so pretty in pink, it makes your skin glow" I told her that pink has always been my favorite color. (and its ironic that it represents breast cancer). I looked at the Dr who was walking by and said, "You are wearing pink today also" (he was wearing a pink dress shirt and looking mighty good I might add) He replied, "I knew you were coming today thats why I wore it." I thought that was a cute thing to say. The PS is a VERY good looking guy and according to what I have heard he is that same age as my DH. He could be a model he is that handsome, if he quits his day job that is!

Tonight my Mom is coming up to stay the weekend. We made reservations for this awesome hibatchi grill (my favorite) tonight. I thought it would be nice if we all went out to eat for our anniversary and then DH and I would go to the movies alone after dinner. Hopefully we can get in to see THE GUARDIAN. I havent been to the movies on an opening night in a very long time so I am foreseeing a LARGE crowd. I also hope I can stay awake that late because lately I feel like I have narcolepsy. I fall asleep at the computer and while reading or knitting but I cant get to bed at night. Crazy right?

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