Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

I need to replenish my yarn stash!!! I hope I get another order from NC.com soon so I can get more yarn. There are some I am just drooling over. Here is a picture of some:
Beautiful Yarn
Tell me thats not gorgeous yarn. My Mom told me that I can give her a list of all things knitting related so she can get them for me for Christmas. I better start on that right away!

Yesterday we went to my parents for Labor Day and it was OK. My Dad seems to be returning to his old annoying self. He constantly is starting arguements with my Mom over stupid things and also he was trying to annoy me but I was having none of that. He definitely has low self esteem to always have to be right with everything. Growing up he would always tell me that I had a complex and problems meanwhile he is the one with the issues, even my Mom admits it. When I approached her yesterday to ask what was up his a** she said that she cant deal with him anymore and ignores him. OK, thats not possible for me because hes soooo annoying that I have to shut him up by telling him to stop and not ignoring him. I cant even remember what the arguement was about. I am totally convinced that he is STILL in denial about everything I have gone through and in his mind it has not happened. This is how he deals with things. I am not questioning his love for me but he has a very strange way of showing it and he doesnt realize that words can hurt. My DH gets fed up with him too but he has to be quiet about it not to cause more trouble.

After dinner I felt like I was drugged and had to go and take a break in my Grandmothers room. I fell asleep for an hour and a half on the recliner! I was so beat. Thats what happens when you cant get to sleep until 3-4am.

I brought my new bag to my Mom's and everyone loved it. I was proudly showing it off and telling them that it was my present from my DH for our anniversary. Now they all want one and only one of them crochets! Too funny. I was able to fit EVERYTHING in it and I mean everything. My wallet, make-up bag, cell phone, meds, 2 pattern books, my sock, scarf, and Mom's scarf project all fit in it.

I started a brown/mixed autumn color scarf yesterday that I am GOING to finish today. It is my mission to finish it because I dont want to be rushed with making Christmas preents the last minute. Its my own design and if I remember to take a picture of it I will. I am so bad with that. I finished my Dad gift which is a fishermans hat and scarf, my great Aunts scarf with lots of pretty fringe and I made a few washcloths that I was going to put in a basket with soaps and lotions for someone, I dont know who yet. I also made my DD's hat for the winter and I think I'll make a small scarf with the left over yarn or maybe a mobius neck warmer depending upon how far I can stretch it.

I did something really big yesterday that I am so proud of. I went to my Mom's without a scarf or hat! I wore a headband with some pretty crystals on it and I wrapped a chiffon rose around it and placed it near my left ear. I looked a little like a 1920's flapper and I felt free. Like I said, I am enjoying my hair at all the stages it will be in until it reaches the length that I want it to be. I am not sure what that exact number is going to be but I do want to be able to wear it up and braid it so definitely bra strap length as the least. My scalp has been annoying me with those scabs I used to get when I had my long hair. The MM shampoos are keeping it under control but I have to use them every day otherwise it flares up again. Moonchaser's oil massaged into the area helps a lot.

The pain is still annoying and I had a lot of swelling yesterday but today it seems to be a little bit better. I have to go on Friday to see the PS and I am not sure if he is going to fill me up again but I think he is.

Now I am off to take some pics of my work!

My sister was away for the labor day weekend on a camping trip. She last spoke to me the day after my surgery which was 8/17. She came home when I was napping in my grandmas room and only said hello for one second to my DD. Her excuse was that she was 'dirty' and needed to get washed. She came home at 6:20pm. I came out of my grandmothers room at 10 to 7 and still no sister in site. We left at 8pm and my sister didnt even come out and say goodbye. Hell, she didnt even say hello so why should I expect her to say goodbye. Anyway, I wanted to add that here because I was hurt yet again by her behavior. My Mom says that I should get over it but she is an only child without any sibblings, she doesnt get it. I also told her that if one of my kids were acting that way toward the other I would DEFINITELY have a conversation with them about their behavior because its just plain WRONG. I know that I would never treat my only sister this way.

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