Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just another yarn (story)

Tonight I was invited to attend a knitting group that my Occupational Therapist goes to. They all meet at the hospital (same on my DH works in) and they are nurses, a doctor, therapists and patients (like me and another lovely elderly lady who was teaching me a lot of stuff!) I had a great time with them and found it very easy to chat with them while I worked on my sock. I forgot to post it here last night but I did post it to my blog that I am almost done with my 1st sock!! I turned the heel last night which I thought I would never do correctly but I did!! The ladies were impressed with my sock abilities and all agreed that if I could do a sock after only a few months of self-taught knitting then I can certainly do a sweater. I am definitely going to take a class in sweater making but its going to be AFTER the holidays. I am already signed up for the Magic Loop Socks class in October and hopefully I will be done with my second sock before then. Socks come in pairs you know!

Last night I did something I shouldnt have done but I did it anyway. I bid on the most gorgeous, beautiful NZ, hand dyed wool yarn that I have ever seen. I bid on the pink one of course and I want it soooooo bad I can dream of what I will knit it into when I get it. I also like the fall colors she has but I dont have the money to really bid at all so I have to just do it for the pinks which I think was meant to be since it is my favorite color. One of the ladies that was at the knitting meet tonight mentioned that if I really wanted something on eBay I should get a sniper. I am not sure about that though because I have never bid on anything and I am not sure if I need a sniper at the moment. I want to see if I can win on my own and then use one if I have a hard time winning. Yes, I am an eBay virgin and it will be my first time winning or losing so I hope its not to hard on me.

I was supposed to have an OT appt tomorrow but I cancelled due to the bad weather coming in and I am not feeling to great. I hope I am not coming down with anything because I have a horrible headache today. Its not time (I dont think) for AF to be visiting but she has been showing up on my doorstep at unexpected times the past few months. She makes me so mad when she comes uninvited.

DH and I have been doing better since seeing the therapist these past few months. I missed her for a few weeks after my surgery but we picked up where we left off and we had our latest appt this morning. It went well. I am trying to get my Mom to come with me so the therapist can give her an unbiased opinion about my sister.
Her birthday is coming up next month and I was wondering what to do about it. My son (her Godson's) birthday falls on the same day as hers so she should be calling him to wish him a Happy Birthday. I am going to give her the Fishermans hat and scarf that I originally made for my Dad but realized later on that it came out to 'girly' and not appropriate for a man. Its a home made gift that she better like! Only kidding, I do want her to appreciate it because I made it and all the things I make mean a lot to me and when you receive them then you know you are someone special to me. Sorry for that long, run on sentence there! One of the lovely ladies tonight mentioned that you have to LOVE the person you are knitting socks for because they are difficult to make and dont last as long as a sweater.

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