Friday, September 15, 2006

My 1st Stitch n Bitch and other Life Happenings

It seems like I am getting a bit lax with my blogging. I wasnt in the mood the past few days to do much writing, especially after I wrote that 7 page letter to my sister. She still hasnt responded to the letter that I wrote her. I know that she read it because my Mom told me she did. The ball is in her court now because I have done all I can to help our relationship. She also has to acknowledge the problem that she has in order to make it better. I am convinced that she has serious problems that only a therapist can help her with but she wont go to one. I am so upset by all this crap thats all I talked about when DH and I went to see our therapist today. I did a lot of crying and had a huge headache when I left her office.

Monday was September 11th and always a sad day for me. I watched all the ceremonies on TV and waited for them to read our neighbors nephews name. He was a fiefighter who died that day. 9/11 is also my Moms birthday so I made her these cute little pink heart shaped cakes and she loved them. The kids loved them too!

This evening I had to go to my daughter's schools open house. I wasnt planning on going but there was an incident with another student and my daughter and the teacher wanted to meet me. She wrote a note home to me yesterday saying that my daughter had her hands wrapped around a boy's neck. The teacher reprimanded her and then she proceeded to push this boy and then was further punished by the teacher. This behavior is TOTALLY UNLIKE my daughter and I asked her what happened. She said that the boy was chasing her and causing trouble and she told the teacher and the teacher said to "work it out herself". Now she has no reason to lie and I could see this teacher saying something like that. The boy was harrassing her further and she did what she had to do to get him away from her. It was a girl defending herself from a boy not the other way around for Gods sakes! I told my daughter she should have gone to another teacher that would have listened and that there is no reason she should push or wrap her hands around anyones neck. The teacher spoke to me today and said that all the kids were "playing this game" and they all had to be told to stop. I was so upset over this incident that I have been an emotional wreck. Its everything happening thats bothering me not just this. It builds on top of one another and then comes tumbling down on top of me.

On a happy note I decided to go to a Stitch n Bitch meeting last night. We met up right in the center of the Yale University campus which is beautiful, by the way. There were 8 of us all together and we had a great time. I was a little nervous at 1st because I thought that I would be the one who knew the least and I wasnt. I actually helped 2 ladies with their work and told them where they made the mistake and most importantly I fixed it for them!! They were so grateful and I was excited that I actually new enought to help them. They were looking at me making the tote bag I am working on like I was some type of circular needle God. It was so funny trying to convince them that I really did teach myself a few months ago! I am using TRIO yarn and the bag is coming out fantastic. I am going to make it my goal to finish it tomorrow. I also made 2 headbands that only took 30 minutes to crochet both. Since I am getting more hair on my head I am starting to wear headbands with little flowers or something on them to show off my hair or what I have of it that is! All the ladies asked if I was going to join them again next week and I was touched that they enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed theirs. I was also invited to join a knitting group that my Occupational Therapist is in at the hospital. That meets every other Monday and I think they will be meeting up this coming Monday. Knitting & crocheting has been my escape and its been helping me get through these stressful times in my life and I LOVE it like no other hobby I have ever done before. Going to these Stitch and Bitch meets is my therapy and if it helps me thats a wonderful thing. I also think that its good for me to get out and meet new people with similar interests as me.

Tonight my DH asked me to teach him some crochet stitches and I showed him the chain and the single crochet stitch. The problem is that he is left handed so I have to sit directly in front of him so he can 'mirror' my actions. He did it fairly well but gave up because he was dead tired. Tomorrow I will teach (or try to) him the double crochet but not before he nails the single crochet stitch. Hopefully he will pick it up fast and make me something! LOL

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