Monday, September 18, 2006

Turning the Heel on my ARTYARNS sock

I cant believe I did it but I did! Now dont get me wrong I havent finished the sock yet but I TURNED THE HEEL on it which is the hardest thing to do when knitting socks (they say). I am so excited because I have my Magic Loop socks class coming up and I wanted to finish these socks on my DPN's before I started the class. The class is in October so I have some time left to finish the remaining part of this sock and also the 2nd sock.
On another note I finished the TRIO tote bag I was making for myself to be able to carry a small project or two in it. Its very nice and I love the colors in it. So everyone who is a knitter knows that there is no such thing as just owning one knitting bag! Impossible, you have to have at least 2 maybe 3 or 4! Maybe even more than that. I have a few more bags on my to do list but I cant felt anything in MY washing machine because its a front loader! I need a top loader to felt. That means I have to go to my Mom's when I want to felt things OR I can make a swatch and see what happens when I put it through my machine. Its worth a shot and I can do it when I do a hot water wash.
I am also in the process of making a MOBIUS for myself. Its probably going to go to someone else as a Christmas presnt because I want something in pink. Its coming out really nice in the SPRING DESERT color by LION BRAND Landscapes, very pretty colors in that mix. Its also a bulky yarn that knits up pretty quick. I am using #13 for this project. Its a big difference from working with the socks which are on #5 DPN's. Well, its good practice for the socks I am going to make on the #2's! Thats going to be a challenge for my eyes I tell you.
I have a beautiful yarn which is 100% cotton made by Patagonia which I bought a long time ago and now I am searching for the perfect pattern for it. I have 2 balls of it which I think adds up to almost 300+ yards so I can make a very long scarf with it, or a caplet I guess. I have to find a pattern. Still need to start my Mom's fancy scarf because just thinking about it not being done for Christmas is making me ill with worry. She is not expecting it for Christmas because she knows I am busy but I would like to give it to her then along with some other stuff. I also have a wonderful pattern for a wine cozy from Sorry I cant remember which one its in.
Tomorrow DH and I have a therapist appointment and I will most likely spend the entire hour crying over certain family members who STILL havent called me. I guess the letter I wrote couldnt have upset them too much.
I talked about this with my Mom and I cant understand it because if the shoe was on the other foot I would never be acting this way toward my ONLY sister. Its just really sad and it makes me more upset and angry every time I think about it, which is just about all the time.

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