Friday, September 22, 2006

Fill 'er up! Plastic Surgeon visit and other ramblings

I had a Plastic Surgeon appointment on Wednesday. He put in another 60 ml in each expander so there is a total of 480 ml in each on so far. He thinks that I will be happy with it at 600 ml which I think will be perfect. Like I said I dont want gigantic boobs I just want to be proportionate. Figure thats 2-3 more visits with him every 10 days so thats 30 days then I have to wait 5-8 weeks after the last fill up and then have the exchange surgery.
That leads us to the end of December (I think). I thought I would have to go until the spring to have the exchange but its going to be sooner and I couldnt be happier over that.

Still no word from my sister. Her birthday is coming and I decided to give her the scarf and hat that I originally made for my Dad. It is more of a style for a woman thats why she is going to get it. I am going to make my Dad something else, I just dont know what yet. I am in the middle of making a few things right now. One of them is a cozy pink/beige scarf that I love so much I cant give it up. I made another headband out of some mercerized cotton and it came out great. I need some more hair to wear them though! I am almost done with my sock and also another scarf that I am crocheting with leftover yarn. I also am crocheting another hat from a pattern from the DIY network but I am not sure its coming out like it should. The directions might have an error in them. I guess we will find out soon enough. Then I am finally working on my Plastic surgeons gift. I am making him a cabled scarf with a very nice colored wheat yarn thats a wool/acrylic blend so he can wash it and it wont shrink to the size that a midget would use. No offense to any midgets reading this (I am only 5' 1/2" so I am not the biggest person in the world). OK I think I have bored everyone with my fiber talk. I am still the highest bidder on that pink yarn yay!!! Hopefully I will still be and win but if I dont I am sure there are other yarns out there that this seller is going to be putting up for auction that are just as beautiful. I didnt make it to the Stitch n Bitch this week because I didnt feel to well after my PS appointment and then Thursday I was still not feeling well so stayed home. Hopefully I can make it next week.

I signed my DD up for religious ed today at our parish. Its $75 for the year and runs from Oct-May. At the end of 2nd grade she will receive Penance and Holy Communion so she has a bit of time because she is only in the 1st grade right now. Its once a week after school for an hour so its not bad at all.

I am not liking her teacher (1st grade) at this time. She has a system of giving tickets to the kids when they do something good and it can be at her discresion. So the kid who has the most tickets right now has 10 tickets and my DD has only 1. I dont think the system is fair but I dont know who to tell. My DD feels bad about this because you need a certain amount of tickets to get stickers or even lunch with the teacher (25 tickets). This is not right and promotes favoritism with students. The reward should have nothing to do with the teacher. Can you tell I dont like her? Hopefully things will get better when she leaves after Christmas because the real teacher is on maternity leave right now and I am sure shes better than this idiot.

Another bit of crappy news is that my Mom's bosses boss threatened to fire her if she didnt return to work ASAP. Keep in mind that she IS working from my house and not just doing nothing! He is a total a**hole and now I have no one to help me out. I am on my own starting Monday and what makes it even worse is that my DH is working 3 days in a row (it sounds like nothing but these are 15 hour days and he is gone from 5am until 8pm at night so it sucks big time). I know that I can do it because I look at it one day at a time.

I think I have a few more things I forgot to write but its ice-cream time now so bye!

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