Friday, February 06, 2009

First Post of February

Well, the first week of February is not yet over and here I am posting with a finished object to brag about! My cousins baby shower is at the end of the week and I finally finished the seamless baby kimono sweater. I used Zara Merino in white with a size 6 needle and I used a lot more yarn than the pattern called for. I made the 3-6 month size and it called for 200 yards and I used 340 yards. Thats not a small difference but a big one in my eyes. My gauge was fine so I am not sure what the problem was. I do think the sweater looks like it can fit a baby past 6 months but thats the amazing stretching power of knits! Its a good thing too because the more use a baby can get out of a handmade knit then the better it is. Who wants to put a baby in something they can only wear once or twice before they outgrow it? Not me. So enough talking here's my finished objects:

I am calling it the King of the Jungle Seamless Baby Kimono Sweater

To showcase my brand spankin' new sewing skills I made this little baby Panda pillow. Although, I don't know how much it looks like a panda because my daughter thought it looked like a raccoon. I am not to sure at the moment what it looks like but its cute none the less and I am sure a newborn baby won't care as long as its soft.

At the moment I have a few unfinished objects on my needles and I should be finishing them BUT I have to make another baby gift for my son's teacher who is having a baby girl in March. She is such a lovely woman who has had her share of heartache in 2008. She lost both her newborn baby girl and her husband within 8 months. She has a baby boy who will be 3 soon and soon a newborn to take care of. She is going to need all the help she can get. A local radio station granted a Christmas wish by paying off the two funerals she was struggling to pay. She is having a little girl so I am going to raid my stash to see what pretty yarn I am going to use to make her little one a sweater Until next time my pretty (insert cackling laugh here) LOL