Sunday, June 06, 2010


Yes, I am alive but obviously not blogging. I don't know, I have just not been in the mood I guess. Sorry I havent been here. Lots going on and maybe that's the reason I havent been around. I know you all have heard a lot about my sister and that she was due to have her baby in March. She did and all is well. Our relationship has taken a complete 180 which is a very good thing. Christmas was OK and then her baby shower was OK too. Things changed a lot when she had the baby though. I have been a very devoted and doting aunt which is what I planned on being anyway. When I have time I I will post a picture of her. Her name is Alessa.

I also had some minor surgery in January. At the time they were not sure if what they were removing was benign or cancerous so I went out and chopped all the hair I had been growing out up until then. I never should have done that but I though the worst so thats why I did it. Turns out it was just a benign polyp and I am doing great. Next oncology appointment is supposed to be this month. I think I should make an appointment! lol

Knitting and crochet has been totally dedicated to the baby. Baby blankets, baby clothes, baby everything! I have to get back in gear and make stuff for other people too!