Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Year of the (hand knit) Sock

Just like the Chinese New Year has its representative, this year will be represented for me by the sock. I do knit other things but my most favorite thing to knit in the whole world are socks. When I 1st started to teach myself to knit the thought of knitting socks never crossed my mind. I bought a few books on knitting socks and then after many unsuccessful attempts at casting onto DPN's I did it. I then signed up for a magic loop class and I have been hooked ever since. Now my technique has changed a bit due to my severe SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). I have mastered the 2 at a time socks on one circular method by Melissa Morgan Oakes. I love her method but I have a different way of casting on than she does. Hey, if you get there the same way whats the difference? Here are my husbands finished socks. These are the first pair I did on one circular. I used a size 47" Addi Turbo Lace Size 2 with Knitcol Adriafil Yarn. I didnt have enough to do the toe so I substituted Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

Knitting Central Sock Club Kit for February
These colors are just beautiful plus the yarn is so soft and smooshy. Its Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Gold Rush. I love it and I have never used it before. I cast on for these right away last night. I have lots of socks in the works and if this 2 at a time things goes as planned I will be swimming in a sea of socks in no time! LOL.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Knit is Actually Happening!

Lots of stuff going on at Chez CurlyBrunette or I should say Chez Knit Happens. Knit is actually happening! Just after a few words from our birthday girl sponsor...

My daughter turned 8 years old on the 17th and I cant believe how big she is getting!
She wants an American Girl doll for her birthday so I promised her we would go to the American Girl doll store in NYC next month. I am actually looking forward to going there and seeing what I have heard so much about.

The new year has begun for the Rockin' Sock's Club and the 1st kit arrived this weekend!

I immediately started it last night. This picture doesnt do the color justice. Its so bright and vivid sometimes I wonder how Tina at Blue Moon gets such amazing colors. She is truly an artist. I LOVE the colorway (Dragon Dance) and I LOVE the pattern (Serendipity). Its surprising because I am not a fan of the lacey sock pattern but I think I am beginning to change my opinion about them. I know, I know, you are saying to yourself, why on earth is she starting this sock when she hasnt even finished other socks from her other sock clubs and even socks from last years Rockin' Sock Club. Well, I am a firm believer that you have to be in the mood to knit something otherwise I am just not into it and I dont put my all into it. Right now I am really excited about this pattern and I really want to knit it. I also have a feeling that knitting them 2 at a time (which is my new way of doing socks) is going to make me finish things up faster. I am looking forward to getting more things done in the coming year.

My Aunts birthday is coming up in 3 weeks and I am making her a drop stitch scarf out of some Angel Boucle from JoAnn's.
Last year I made her an outdoor scarf so this year its more of an accessory scarf to brighten up her outfits.

I have been working a little at a time on this Alligator Scarf for my husband. He saw it when we were at Rhinebeck and thought it was cute. When I asked him if he would wear it he said he would so I bought the kit to make for him. Now he wants me to make one for my Oncologist! Good idea for when I have to give him a gift.

My daughter is receiving 2 sacraments this year and next weekend she is receiving 1st Penance or Reconciliation. When my husband took her to religious ed the other day he found out that her teacher was just diagnosed as having AML Leukemia and in the hospitals ICU. He's only a 19-20 year old kid in college! I was shocked and very upset over the whole situation and at first I didnt know what to say to my daughter. She was told by the other substitute teacher that he was sick and in the hospital but not that he has cancer and what that means. I decided to tell her the truth about him that night. I told her that he has cancer and has to go through the treatment where he is going to lose his hair and get sick in order to get well. I didnt want to tell her the statistics and other details of the disease to frighten her. I dont think it hit her because she hasnt seen him sick yet. I told her that I am making him a hat to keep his head warm when he loses his hair and that seemed to make her happy for the moment.

I am a very positive person and I definitely believe in miracles so I hate to mention the stats here on AML Leukemia. Its a HORRIBLE Leukemia and I have seen it kill my Aunt (who was in her 60's) in 3 months. I also met a wonderful woman in the ACS Look Good Feel Better Program when I was going through chemo that just lost her battle with it. When my husband told me she died I couldnt believe it because she looked fabulous but as we all know that doesnt reflect whats going on on the inside. AML Leukemia is a constant battle that has to be fought off even when in remission. Thats what makes it the most horrible leukemia with the worst survival rates even with all the right treatment. Here's the hat I am making with Wool Ease Chunky Yarn by Lion Brand.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas Socks Complete!

I originally was going to use this colorway to make myself a pair of socks but changed my mind and decided to make my husband a pair for Christmas. The colorway is Christmas Balls by BMFA in mediumweight. I used my basic stockingette sock recipe with a traditional heel flap and a star toe.
I am working on another pair of socks for him (2 at a time on one cable-magic loop) at the moment and about to work on the heel flaps. I know that its quality not quantity for me because I am a process knitter but I do want to be faster so I can actually be a little productive. So far this year I think I am moving faster than previously due to my left hand having no pain from carpal tunnel syndrome.
On the weight front, I went to see my Dr. because I wasnt feeling right and found out my thyroid levels are totally messed up and its the main reason I cant lose weight. He put me on a high dose of Synthroid and wants to check me in a month. Hopefully by then I will have lost some weight and lowered my cholesterol. I hate feeling this way.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back in Action!

There hasnt been much beading since before Christmas but today I got a chance to make a few things. I am planning on having another jewelry party before Valentine's Day at my parents house. I have received a lot of requests from previous buyers that they want to do some shopping. Hooray! Because I need to pay the bills and I also need to do a big wholesale order with FireMountain Gems. Unfortunately I have to wait for my tax return to do any of that. Here are some beautiful things I made in the past week but mostly today.

Pink Crystal necklace

Moonstone Leaf Necklace

Blown Glass & Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Cobalt Blue Glass & Crystal Necklace

Lampwork beads wiith Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Blown Glass, Glass Beads & Swarovski Crystal Necklace

I also got around to finishing these cute mittens for my son. They were so easy that I probably could have made them with my eyes closed. Well, except for the seaming at the end. The hardest part of making them were putting the felt in and sewing it up with regular sewing thread. He proudly told his teacher this morning that his Mommy made him Shark Mittens and she now wants a pair! Maybe I will surprise her with an adult pair of Shark Mitts at the end of the year. I have to find nice thick felt like the kind that came with the Morehouse Merino kit. Maybe I will just order it from them. I am in love with the Dragon Scarf they have. Right now I am in the process of making my husband the Alligator Scarf from the kit they sell. I bought all these kits when I was at Rhinebeck and they were my all time favorite purchase. The Rat Race Scarf is really cute to. These are going to make awesome gifts for Christmas next year. They are fun, fast and easy which qualifies them as good gift givers.

Shark Mittens by Morehouse Merino

I dont know why the picture is off center here. Maybe it has something to do with Flickr? It does that sometimes and its annoying because I dont have issues like that with Photobucket. The thing is, I have to have a Flickr account for my Ravelry account. Oh well.

I broke one of my rules that I set for myself already and we are not even halfway into January! I had to go to see my Oncologist for my 3 month check up. He ran all kinds of blood tests which were all normal (yay!) and he wants me to go for a PET Scan in April since my last one was the end of September. Normally I would go for a CAT Scan but when you do a PET Scan it gives you a baseline CAT Scan so there is no need to expose oneself to the extra radiation of the scan. Anyway, back to why I went for a trim. The salon around the corner from the Dr's office and I called while I was waiting for him to see if they had an appointment open. So of course when they said they did I booked it. He took a tiny bit off my ends and also evened out the back so it can grow evenly. He knows I am in the process of growing it and I told him my goal at this point is to get my hair to my shoulders. Now, I do have to wait a while to give it a chance to grow but it always looks good for a few months after he shapes it up anyway. My daughter is receiving 2 sacraments this year and the first is Penance/Reconciliation in February. My hair will look perfect for that and also in my opinion it will look even better when it gets a little longer in May when she receives Communion.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


I know its a little late but this picture was taken on Christmas Day before we left for my parents house. I love my tripod. It comes in handy in times such as this. I need to start using it more often so I can be in more pics. See, I am really a CurlyBrunette.

The other night I was making strawberries for the kids and I came across this baby. I have come across many "twins" as I call them when 2 berries form together. This one seems to be 3 berries fused together or as I have been calling it a "mutant" strawberry. I put it next to a normal looking berry for comparison.

Nicky, our female kitten is 8 months this month and she still is a petite little lady. I have not owned female cats in a long time but from what I remember they are a bit smaller in size than the males. Tell me she isnt the prettiest kitty you've ever seen. OK, I am a little biased.

OK, I am warning every reader that this next picture was something I came across when I went food shopping at my local Stop & Shop. I took the picture with my cell phone which explains the low picture quality. Yes, its funny and my husband asked me why I didnt buy any! Why? I just dont get it.

Unoriginal Hat in Fuschia that I finished for my daughter. After trying it on her it was a little small so I crocheted a border around the bottom and added a ribbon through it so now it looks like a cloche from the 20's. It fits her much better and she is happy about that. My son put in a request for one now but I am taking a break with this hat because I have to make something for my Aunts birthday in February and my Dad's in March. I am contemplating bed socks or slippers for my Aunt and Thuja's for my Dad. I already made him a pair of Thuja's for his birthday last year. He liked them a lot so I thought another pair would make him happy.

Socks in BMFA in Christmas Balls colorway for hubby

Spruce Sprigs Socks/Woolgirl Dec. Kit