Saturday, January 05, 2008


I know its a little late but this picture was taken on Christmas Day before we left for my parents house. I love my tripod. It comes in handy in times such as this. I need to start using it more often so I can be in more pics. See, I am really a CurlyBrunette.

The other night I was making strawberries for the kids and I came across this baby. I have come across many "twins" as I call them when 2 berries form together. This one seems to be 3 berries fused together or as I have been calling it a "mutant" strawberry. I put it next to a normal looking berry for comparison.

Nicky, our female kitten is 8 months this month and she still is a petite little lady. I have not owned female cats in a long time but from what I remember they are a bit smaller in size than the males. Tell me she isnt the prettiest kitty you've ever seen. OK, I am a little biased.

OK, I am warning every reader that this next picture was something I came across when I went food shopping at my local Stop & Shop. I took the picture with my cell phone which explains the low picture quality. Yes, its funny and my husband asked me why I didnt buy any! Why? I just dont get it.

Unoriginal Hat in Fuschia that I finished for my daughter. After trying it on her it was a little small so I crocheted a border around the bottom and added a ribbon through it so now it looks like a cloche from the 20's. It fits her much better and she is happy about that. My son put in a request for one now but I am taking a break with this hat because I have to make something for my Aunts birthday in February and my Dad's in March. I am contemplating bed socks or slippers for my Aunt and Thuja's for my Dad. I already made him a pair of Thuja's for his birthday last year. He liked them a lot so I thought another pair would make him happy.

Socks in BMFA in Christmas Balls colorway for hubby

Spruce Sprigs Socks/Woolgirl Dec. Kit

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