Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas Socks Complete!

I originally was going to use this colorway to make myself a pair of socks but changed my mind and decided to make my husband a pair for Christmas. The colorway is Christmas Balls by BMFA in mediumweight. I used my basic stockingette sock recipe with a traditional heel flap and a star toe.
I am working on another pair of socks for him (2 at a time on one cable-magic loop) at the moment and about to work on the heel flaps. I know that its quality not quantity for me because I am a process knitter but I do want to be faster so I can actually be a little productive. So far this year I think I am moving faster than previously due to my left hand having no pain from carpal tunnel syndrome.
On the weight front, I went to see my Dr. because I wasnt feeling right and found out my thyroid levels are totally messed up and its the main reason I cant lose weight. He put me on a high dose of Synthroid and wants to check me in a month. Hopefully by then I will have lost some weight and lowered my cholesterol. I hate feeling this way.

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