Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Knitting Funny

2 in 1

Yup, I couldn't believe that it would happen either but I actually finished another finished object to show you and its in the same week as the sweater I made! Well, I am not sure it counts because the kimono can be knitted in my sleep at this point. I have made so many of them since I started knitting I cant remember how many exactly. There are a few that I made that are not listed on my Ravelry notebook because I never took pictures of them before giving them away. Here is my Minty Baby Kimono for someones baby. I'm not sure who that is yet.

I am not completely happy with this knit because I had meant to have the closure made out of ribbon as customary with my kimonos but it wasnt working for me. I decided to put a magnetic snap closure on and cover the back with the green flowers. My husband likes it but I intended it to be gender neutral and now its not. Oh, well, back to the drawing board.

The other day I bought three great books at my LYS with awesome baby patterns (I think I mentioned this before, I cant remember and maybe have lost my mind here-don't). I went to another LYS, The Yarn Barn, thats a few towns over with my husband yesterday. He helped me pick out some pretty yarns to make more baby sweaters. I bought some gorgeous Manos Cotton Stria in purple, pistachio and white. Then some Debbie Bliss Chunky Cashmerino Aran, Astrakhan, Rowan All Seasons Cotton and even some Panda Wool sock yarn for my husband. I was overwhelmed by all the yarn they have there but the problem is that they are very unorganized and there is literally yarn and patterns all over the place, strewn all over the floor in the way of patrons walking in the store. I am not sure if the owners of this place realize or care that the place is a mess and that if they organized it a little they could probably do better with sales. There is a table in the front of the shop thats used for teaching and it was covered with yarn, pattern books, and junk. You couldn't fine something if you wanted to. My husband was the one that dug through the yarns to find matching lot and dye numbers for me! LOL. He's good like that. I asked one of the ladies, who were very nice and helpful, if they had a certain yarn and she immediately said, "we can order that for you." Well, thats all well and good but why would I have them order it if I can get it myself online or from my other LYS? They are very nice and I will probably go back to use my 25% off coupon they gave me but in my opinion they cant compare to my favorite place Knitting Central. I think its because as I have mentioned once before its not how big a place is or how much yarn they have but the people that work there and are the real heart of the store. On a funny note here, I was first at this yarn store when I first started knitting and bought some cute multicolored baby yarn. I mistakenly bought only 200 yards and not enough to make what I wanted. While I was there I picked up another skein of the yarn that I needed in the same color which just happened to have the SAME LOT NUMBER! I couldn't believe that I was lucky enough to find the same lot and dye number but it is believable because they have so much yarn that doesn't sell.

On April 27th the Yarn Harlot is going to be returning to WEBS in Northhampton, Mass. I went to see her last May when she came and had a great time. This year I plan on corrupting my husband and bringing him along. I cant wait to see his face when he walks into WEBS! Its the largest yarn shop I have EVER seen. I am not sure if its the largest in the country but I would say it is. We have NEVER been away from the kids or on a vacation alone together and this will be nice to get away for one day with him. We don't have to much time because we have to get back for my daughters first communion practice the following night. My Mom is going to be watching the kids overnight and taking care of my pets too. Since 2 of my 3 dogs are getting to be old men and having health issues I feel bad leaving them alone for a long time or at a kennel. I rather leave them with a family member like my Mom so I know they are being well cared for.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My 2nd Cancerversary~February 23, 2008

It was 2 years ago today that my breast surgeon called me with the results of my biopsy to tell me that I had cancer. It was the worst day of my life and I never will forget how frightened I was just thinking about what was going to happen to me in the coming months. I quickly learned that the less internet reading I did on the subject and the more praying and positive thinking that went on were much better for my sanity than anything else. Anyway, I just wanted to mention this today because it is an important day for me. My Mom and Dad sent me 12 pink roses yesterday which arrived in the snowstorm and almost didn't make it inside the house. The idiot that delivered them put the box with the flowers in it by the garage door next to the garbage pails in the snow! Yup, pretty dumb. My husband found them just as he was about to use the snow blower in the driveway.

On another happy note I finished a friends baby's sweater. I used Schaefer Elaine in one of the special colorways they make for kids called Kermie (I guess its after Kermit the frog). The pattern is for the Rolled Neck Sweater for babies 0-12mos in the book 101 Designer One Skein Wonders.
I wasn't going to post it until she received it and I think that she probably received it by now since I mailed it a few days ago by priority mail. She was so kind to me when I was sick and sent me books and get well cards so I thought it would be nice to knit her baby something. The baby boy was born in November but at that time I wasn't able to do much knitting due to my carpal tunnel syndrome. I made her a promise that I would make something when my hand healed and she was very understanding of the situation. I hope she likes it.

I forgot to mention that I went to my LYS, Knitting Central to buy some books with baby patterns since I really dont have that many baby patterns in my collection. I bought ITTY-BITTY by Susan B, Anderson, Last Minute Knitted Gifts and Essential Baby by Debbie Bliss. All of these books have a plethora of wonderful patterns for babies. I cant wait to dive into them. I do wish I was a knitter when my children were babies. I guess that I just have to find babies to make them for! I also bought a few skeins of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

This Little Piggy Went Bowling & This Little Piggy Stayed Home

I'm here, just to busy to blog. Its been a crazy week with no school (winter break) coming up next week. My husband came home sicker than a dog with the flu on Friday. He called from work and left a message on the machine that I couldn't understand. When I came home and called his job they couldn't tell me what was happening. After an extended time on hold they transfered me to the emergency department and I found out what was going on. He told me that he went into the break room because he didn't feel good then started to throw up and double over in pain. One of the doctors came in and saw what was happening and got him to the emergency room. They thought that he was having a gall bladder attack or that his appendix burst. After running a blood tests they did a CAT Scan that showed an inflamed appendix that was still there and the gall bladder was also inflamed but not what they first thought. I was worried that he was going to need surgery and he is still recovering from his anemia due to the GI Bleed he had a month ago. Thats all he would need is a surgery where he would lose more blood! I thanked God that it wasn't that.

After getting 3 liters of fluids he came home. He insisted on driving home himself (typical man) and got into bed to pass out. He literally didn't move for 24 hours. I was his nurse, bringing him Tylenol, Motrin, Gatorade and Ginger Ale. His temp didn't drop past 103 until after he took the Motrin. He was afraid to take it because of the stomach bleed he was being treated for and didn't want to make it worse. Of course it was the only thing that made him feel better so he needed to take it.

Yesterday was my daughters bowling party and my husband was supposed to be there to help with the kids. Unfortunately, he was unable to do this because he was sick. My parents came up to help and thank God they did. My Mom bought the cake, balloons, plates, and utensils so I didn't have to waste time and do that. When my parents arrived I went to the party store with my Mom and bought stuff to make the favor bags for the kids. We originally invited a total of 21 kids which included mine. After getting the RSVP's back (which only 3 people called me out of all those mentioned and I had to call them!) only 13 kids were coming. Most of the kids who didn't come were either on vacation, doing something else or sick. My daughter was disappointed but I told her she would probably have a better time with less kids coming.

Turns out we all had a great time. One little girl who said she was coming didn't show so I bowled in her place. I won't even embarrass myself and mention my number bowled but I will tell you that my 8 year old daughter bowled 125! Even though they had the bumpers up for the kids I still think she did a fabulous job. She didn't really hit the bumpers that much either. I almost forgot to mention that she got 4 Strikes!!!. I couldn't believe it either. Well, thats how she got 125 I guess. Some of the other kids also bowled well getting in the 100's, 90's and high 80's. They were all well behaved and I was very impressed. I had invited the parents to stay and have pizza and cake so a couple of them stayed. It gave my parents something to do also so they chatted with them and had a few beers. Beer at a children's party you say?? God forbid! Get a grip they had A beer and chatted and the kids were oblivious in their bowling frenzy. My son stayed home with my husband because he wasn't behaving all morning and I warned him that if he didn't behave then he wasn't going to bowl. So when he didn't behave I made the decision that he wasn't going. He was pissed beyond belief but what kind of discipline would it be if I gave in to his tantrum? Not good discipline I would say. I think he learned a lesson because when we got home from the party he said that he had been listening to my husband since we left. I reminded him that he has to act that way all the time and not just when he's punished.

Next week the kids are off from school and we are figuring out what we can do with the kids. We are thinking about going to the Aquarium, Ice Skating, Museums, or even Bowling again. Hopefully my husband will feel better so we can do these things. Sorry I don't have pictures this time but I have been knitting a few gifts for people and I don't want to post pictures of them for fear they might see them. My Dad's birthday is actually the same day as my Blogiversary (which is kind of weird) and I decided to make him the same thing I made him last year. What else but SOCKS! He loved the ones I made last year which were made from Artyarns Supermerino in the Thuja pattern from Knitty. This year I am using Ms. Babs Yummy Sport Weight Sock Yarn in the Winebarrel colorway. I fell in love with this yarn when the Woolgirl Sock Club started off their 2007 club year with it as the first yarn to come with the "Waterfalls" kit. He already knows I am making him socks but as long as he doesn't see them its OK for him to read this. He's not really a reader of my blog so I am not worried.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Stove, Groundhog & Hat

I can't believe that its almost the middle of February and we haven't had any snow since December!  Where has the winter gone?  I really do like the snow even though I hate to drive in it.  It's nice to look at while you're inside knitting away without a care in the world.  As I am typing this it is snowing outside my window.  It looks like the type of snow that might accumulate but I am not quite sure its going to do that.  I guess I should check the weather channel.
I am not sure I even mentioned the fact that I haven't had an oven for the past few months but I havent and it stinks not to be able to bake and broil things.  The range/oven was a Christmas gift from my parents and I love it.  Its my first new one ever!
My New Stove!
So far I have baked a cake and made a few dishes in it and it cooks perfectly!

My husband gave me my Valentine's present early (yesterday). He had heard that I wanted the groundhog from Build a Bear which happens to be a limited edition collect a bear. My kids have so many of these I lost count but to give you an idea we have 2 cheetahs, Rudolph and Clarice, the beagle, boxer, orange tabby cat, the limited edition breast cancer bear, several brown bears, the black lab, the black and white sheep dog, the pink poodle and a few others I cant remember at this moment. I am waiting for them to come out with a dachshund which I am sure they will eventually. By the way I was very original when I named my groundhog Shadow.
Shadow the Groundhog

I finished the hat for Robbie a couple of days ago. I am not sure if we will be hand delivering it to him or mailing it to him. I am going to e-mail him to see if he is well enough to have visitors in the hospital. The last I heard he was going through intense chemotherapy and they didn't want him to be exposed to any germs for fear of him getting a cold or something he couldn't fight off.

I am in the process of finishing my WIPs off one at a time and then I will begin a few things I have been meaning to make for a while. I have several baby items I need to make for babies who have been born and one that will be born in March. Last night we went to a dinner where I sat with 2 of my doctors and their wives. They thanked me for the gifts I gave them when their babies were born and I was very happy they liked them. I also told my internists wife that I will make her youngest (6 months now) something soon. I am not sure what but I have a feeling its going to be a pair of little socks made with some wonderful sock yarn I have left over from one of my sock clubs.

My Aunts birthday is at the end of the month and her scarf is almost done. Its long but I want it to be really long so I started the second ball of yarn. Its a drop stitch scarf that knits up quick but boring as hell to knit. My Dad's birthday is next month and I haven't started his gift yet. I made him socks last year and I wanted to make him another pair since he liked the first pair so much. He wears the socks around the house and to bed since he said he cant get his shoes on with them due to their thickness. I used Artyarns Supermerino which suggests a needle size of 7 and its considered a worsted weight yarn. Maybe he's right about them being a "thick" sock. I'm so used to wearing my clogs which enable me to wear thicker socks. My Dad is not a clog or sandal type of guy and he also says his feet get to hot with them if he did wear them in a shoe. The idea of making him felted slipper socks came to mind but I have never felted anything (on purpose) yet so I dont want to run out of time with his gift by experimenting. My Mom suggested the Alligator scarf that I am making for my husband but I got a little bored with it and put it down and I cant imagine starting another one at the moment. So its either going to be handmade socks OR I will go out and buy his something.

I have been itching to make my Mom a lace scarf or light wrap for Mother's Day. I bought 2 hanks of Artyarns Royal Silk last year with the intention of making her something for her birthday or Christmas. Every time I think of starting something for her I get sidetracked with something else. Those 2 hanks of beautiful puple-pink silk will eventually be hers, unless some other beautiful yarn screams her name out to me. There is a big possibility that can happen because it happens a lot to me. Yes, I am admitting that yarn speaks to me as it does to many knitters. I believe thats why there are projects that we start that end up being frogged over and over again. The yarn then gets put back in the closet/drawer to wait for the project that it wants to become. I cant tell you how many times I have done this as I am sure many, many other knitters have done so I am reassured that I am not crazy, LOL.

Band of Brothers is on the History Channel right now! Time to go.

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Most Amazing Upset Ever!

The New York Giants have WON the 42nd Super Bowl!
I know that I live in what some people call NEW ENGLAND which means I should be a Patriots fan BUT I am a native New Yorker and always will side with a New York team. So hate me all you want neighbors!
(lots if people who live around here are Giants fans so I have some company, LOL)
Go Eli, Go Eli, Go Eli...