Saturday, September 02, 2006

Drain Removal and my 1st Expansion

I finally changed my blog name and I am so happy I did! Since I changed it I also changed the http address so if you have it saved to your favorites as the old one, you are going to come up with a message that it doesnt exist anymore.

I went to the PS on Wed to take my drains out. It wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be but man were those suckers in deep! I felt the 'pop' when he pulled them out. After he pulled them he suggested that I get my 1st 'filler up' of the expanders to help push out any fluid that was laying around the expander. I couldnt say no so I had that done. Its not painful but lots of pressure involved since it involves the chest muscles and skin over it. I didnt feel it right away but when I arrived back home I couldnt even move my arms and had to get into bed to rest. After about 24 hours they felt much better. I have to watch for certain signs that their is a build-up of fluid but everything seems to be OK right now. I am going to be knocking on some wood for continued luck in this area! I have an appointment with him in a week to see how I am progessing.

In the knitting news: I crocheted a dog jacket for my short haired doxie because he is always cold in the fall/winter months. It was a tad to big on him so I sent it to my friend who has a doxie thats a bit bigger than mine and she has done so much for me over the past 6 months that its the least I can do for her. I hope it fits him.

I was working on socks and I had to frog them (rip them up and start over) because DH and I had an arguement last night and I was in the middle of a row. During the arguement I lost a DPN and all the stitches got messed up. I was actually crying that this happened because it took me so long to get to where I was. I plan on starting it over today with a different sock pattern. The arguement was a stupid one too. He was stressed because he couldnt sleep and he had to wake up early for work this morning. He kept telling me that I was keeping him awake. I dont know how I was doing that because I was doing what I normally do every night when he is sleeping. I am still mad at him for blaming me.

I also started a mohair blend scarf for my Mom's birthday which is 9/11. Its a surprise because she thinks I am only making the one that she picked all the yarn out for which in reality I havent even started yet! It shouldnt take to long to make since I am using size 13 needles to knit it up.

Speaking of the hubby, he bought me my anniversary present early this year. Our anniversary is at the end of the month. He got me the Namaste Vintage Knitting bag, here it the one at the bottom of the page. Its absolutely beautiful and I am in love. Its big enough to not only hold your knitting but also your everyday items such as wallet, cell, make-up bag, etc. I am sick of carrying so many bags when I go places and want to take my projects with me also. In case you are wondering I got it in rose/light pink, of course!
Hopefully I wont have trouble starting the sock over today.

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Janet said...

OMG! That vintage knitting bag is gorgeous! I want one now, lol. And you crochet/knit so fast! I wish I could crochet faster. But you are giving me an itch to crochet again!