Thursday, October 05, 2006

$40 socks and Nasty Kids

We went out to the hibatchi place on Friday night and the kids were sooooo good. I thought they were someone elses kids for a moment! They loved to watch the chef cook right in front of them. My daughter proclaimed she wanted to be a chef when she grows up but she has said that before. Maybe we have a future chef brewing! I would love for her to do that, heck I would love anything she wanted to do that made her happy. My husband and I didnt go to the movies afterwards because I was exhausted which was fine with him. I want to see a new movie coming out with Christian Bale called THE PRESTIGE. It comes out Oct 20th so I'll have to wait but I am a patient woman.

Monday the kids were off from school because of the holiday and I went to my Knit Group Meeting (the one with my Occupational Therapist). I havent been able to make the Stitch n Bitch meets because DH has been working those days so I was very happy to make it to this meet. They are all going to the STITCHES EAST convention and thats all they spoke about . I am so jealous but I AM going next year so I am not that jealous. I brought the sock that I completed and they were all impressed. It made me feel good coming from professionals who crank out sweaters every week! They all weighed in and told me that I needed more yarn to complete the second sock because there was not enough left over. If I started the second sock and had to attach another ball of yarn I would have an issue because it would not likely match up. The yarn is varigated and I would have to find the exact place in the yarn so the stripes would match. They all said to just get another ball of the yarn. Problem was they dont have this yarn ANYWHERE except online. I went to and ordered Artyarns Haindpaint Stripes #119 and as soon as it comes I am in business. These are becoming very expensive socks but just imagine what a great story it makes for my 1st pair of socks. I have to remember to take a picture of the completed sock but I might wait until I finish the second one. I am not planning to start it right away due to the fact that I have the Magic Loop Sock class coming up next week and they said that there would be homework. They are expecting us to complete the pair in the 3 classes so I will have homework every week. I also ordered a ball winder with the yarn and it is exciting because it takes me forever to wind up hanks of yarn into balls. It took me 20 minutes the other day to wind the Shaefer Esperanza yarn into a HUGE ball that impressed my DD I tell you. She said, WOW Mom thats a huge ball of yarn! She was right. The ball winder makes the yarn into a center pull ball thats shaped like a 'cake'. They call it a 'cake' because it looks like one more than a ball. Its kind of square and very pretty to look at. Sometimes the skeins that you buy at a craft store are better when they are wound into a 'cake' and are easier to work with. So in other words I will be winding everything with my ball winder. Enough talk about yarn.

My hair is almost a 1.5" now. I have left the house without my hat on. Thats an accomplishment. I had to take my daughter to her 1st CCD class and after meeting in the classroom we went over to the church for a blessing. I was sitting in the same row as the teacher (who was sitting next to me) and her son (who is also in the class and the same age as my daughter) was sitting behind me. All the kids were loud and being very rude and I cant imagine that the teacher couldnt hear what her son was saying/ and or doing in the seat directly behind her. He and his friends kept touching my head and I heard them laughing and making fun of me. I know that they are kids but I was still hurting inside. It really made me feel horrible and I wanted to cry. I wanted to turn around and give these boys a piece of my mind but the mother was right next to me and we were in church. I did however turn around a give them a dirty look but it didnt do much. I cant get over how useless his mother was during this entire thing AND she is the teacher. I hope this kid doesnt cause trouble the entire year in this class. Ugh, stress.

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