Friday, October 13, 2006

The AVON WALK for Breast Cancer

This past weekend was the AVON WALK in NYC. My Mom raised $7500 and walked 39 miles in 2 days. I went down to the closing ceremonies on Sunday with my Dad and my friend whom I have known since the 3rd grade. This is the same friend that was avoiding me and had said some silly things to me when I was 1st diagnosed. I am glad that she came with me and she also said that she might join my Mom and me as a team next year. I didnt commit to walking this year due to the fact that I wasnt sure I would be able to complete it so soon after my surgery. The closing ceremonies were very emotional and I think I cried through 3/4 of it but I felt much better afterwards. Seeing all the women, men, families and friends that have been affected by breast cancer was unbelievable. They had survivors representing countries from around the world that walked. They travel to all the AVON walks to represent their countries. You knew who all the survivors were because the ones that walked were wearing light pink and the others wore dark pink. I was wearing pink pants, sweater, sneakers, fleece, Pink Panther socks (which is going to be our team name next year) and my AVON WALK survivor hat. It says, "I stand because you walk". I love that hat. Together everyone raised over $9.7 million dollars and the money was still coming in throughout the weekend and after the walk.

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about my cancer coming back. I cant help thinking about it because its a possiblility. Seeing all these women, many of whom were much younger than me, made me realize that I am not alone and that we all have to be thinking the same thing. I am not sure why but knowing there are so many others makes me feel better even though I dont wish there were so many of us.

After we got back from the city we all went out to eat at a local Italian place with my husband, the kids, my grandmother, parents, two Aunts and friend. I am not sure where my sister was. My Mom said that she had a wedding or something upstate. I dont think that she would have come if she was home anyway. We had a nice dinner and I was proud wearing all my pink and several people in the restaurant asked me if I walked.

On Tuesday I had my Magic Loop Socks class and it was AWESOME! I promise to post sock pictures when I am done. I also have decided to make my plastic surgeon a nice pair of dress socks and the scarf that I am almost done with. I picked out a nice chocolate brown color by Dale of Norway for him. Now I have to pick out the perfect pattern to go with them.I dont know what size shoe he wears so I asked my husband to investigate and ask the OR nurses what size he wears. I hope he doesnt think I am crazy when I hand him a pair of hand knitted socks. He probably already thinks I am anyway.

On Wednesday I had my last fill up with the plastic surgeon and now I have to go back in 2 weeks to see when we can set up the exchange surgery. I really want to have the surgery before Christmas because these expanders are extremely uncomfortable.

Wednesday night I went to my Stitch N Bitch meeting and it POURED that night. I didnt pick a good night to go. It started to lightning and thunder the minute I walked in my house. Thank God it didnt start doing that while I was driving otherwise I would have pulled over and stopped driving.

My sister called me while I was typing this entry up. She called to thank me for the scarf and hat that I gave her for her birthday. She didnt mention the letter I wrote her or address anything that I spoke about in it. I asked her if she would like to come here on Sunday for dinner and of course she said that she made plans for her birthday to go into the city. Some things will never change.

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