Thursday, October 19, 2006

Socktoberfest 2006!

I officially joined Socktoberfest! No its not a contest and there is no entrance fee, its just like Oktoberfest is the celebration of everything beer, Socktoberfest is the celebration of everything socks. I am dedicated to knitting (or crocheting) mostly socks for the entire month. I know that half the month is already finished but I have already knit one sock (ARTYARNS Handpainted Stripes #119 Olive) and am currently working on the second one with my Addi Turbo #5 US 40" needles using the Magic Loop method. I am currently taking the Magic Loop Class at Knitting Central and last night we had our 2nd class. Only one more to go. I made the 1st sock on 5 DPN's and I can honestly say that this is a lot easier and less near death experiences are occuring with the Addis verses the bamboo DPN's! LOL I am also working on a KOIGU sock on #2 US 40" Addis. The colorway is absolutely beautiful and I just love KOIGU yarn for socks. This is a great hint for anyone in my family that reads my blog to note all my favorite yarns and stuff because Christmas is coming and stockings look so pretty stuffed with nice red KOIGU yarns! (you need 2 hanks to make socks for anyone reading this) Last night I was up until after 2am turning the heel on my sock. I think I made a mistake because I had to frog it back to where I began my heel flap! I was so pissed. This morning I called the instructor and I am going to meet with her tomorrow at Knitting Central so she can show me the proper way to do what I have unsuccessfully have been trying to do for the past 24 hours. I did finish turning the heel and now I need to know where to put my stitches so I can finish the f-ing sock! It sounds like I am mad at the sock but I am not. I am just mad at the learning process being so slow with my chemo affected brain.
When I had my class last night the yarn shop had all the Tilly Thomas yarns and knitted samples from a trunk show they had in a HUGE basket in front of the store. The yarn in ABSOLUTELY FEAKIN' GORGEOUS. Pictures online dont do it justice at all. You have to see it, touch and feel it, heck, even smell it in person. They have yarns that have gems, polished beads, sequins and genuine swarovski crystals in the yarn so you dont have to string them on yourself. They range in price from $28 for plain silk without any beads to $128-140 for the ones with the swarovski crystals. I personally LOVE the crystals but I dont have that kind of money to spend on 1 skein of yarn even though there are a lot of yardage in one skein. 220 yards of the plain silk is reasonably priced at $28.

I continue to be hurt, angry, upset and very disappointed in my sisters behavior toward me. When we spoke the other day she did not once apologize for any thing she has said about me or address anything that I wrote about in the letter I gave her. I am not sure she wants a relationship with me anymore. She cerainly doesnt act like she wants one and I am sure she doesnt cry over it like I do. So tell me, why do I care so much?

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