Friday, March 31, 2006


One week out from my 1st treatment and I feel about 25% better. I have pain everywhere especially in my back where my kidneys are and my head which I have been taking pain medicine for. It helps a little but sometimes it makes me more nauseous. I am dreading the 2nd treatment which is going to be on Thurs. the 6th and just looking at the calender is making me physically ill.

Yesterday my DH and I traveled into the city to see Mr. Joseph Paris for a wig. All I can say is that his work is fabulous and we were thoroughly impressed. He wanted to make me a custom wig but that would take 6-8 weeks and I cant wait because according to my nurses my hair is going to be out in less than a week. He took out what would be almost a perfect match for me and it was amazing how it looked like my old hair. It was at least a $3,000 wig that he sold me for $1,625. Yes, it was expensive and I did pay with a credit card but my DH was totally behind the decision and we made it together. The one thing that impressed me is that no matter what I needed in the future with the wig, anything, Mr. Paris is going to do it because its already covered in the price. If I want a different style, highlights, less hair, a better fit (when my hair starts growing back) or whatever, its covered. It reminded me of buying a car with an extended warranty! I think thats how much I actually paid for my extended warranty on my car! Now thats funny. In his office there were pictures of all the movies and movie stars this guy had worked with and I couldnt believe I was actually there buying a wig from him. He told me that he works with Christopher Maloney and Mariska Hargitay from Law & Order and does both their hair. Amazing, I love that show and they both look awesome. He was Frank Sinatras personal hairstylist for many years and designed all the hair pieces he wore. I never even knew he wore hair pieces!

When I arrived home I had the surprise of the other wigs I ordered from sitting on my kitchen counter. The pink one was hysterical. My DD was wearing it for awhile having a good time with it. The longer red one actually looked good but needed the bangs cut a bit because they were right in my eyes. I cant really get any of them to fit on my head just right because I still have hair and they are supposed to be used with this 'magic tape' that you need a bald head for. I have to wait until start losing more hair and then I am going to shave it and wear my wigs. I will eventually put a picture here when I get a good one that I think looks nice.

My Mom was over yesterday to be with the kids when they finished school and told me that she is doing the AVON WALK in October for Breast Cancer. I would love to do it with her but I think I am just going to be a part of her support team and see if I can walk with her that way. I cant raise the money right now and she said not to worry about it because there would be many other chances to participate in things like that in the future when I am feeling better. She's right about that because according to the Dr I will be having more surgery in Aug or Sept. so I might not be feeling like walking that distance so soon after surgery. It sounds like lots of fun though and I can participate in other activities around those 2 days.

Just my thoughts~
As I have been going about my life the past few weeks things have been bothering me that never did before. One thing is how people just whine about everything! You want something to whine about, trade places with me because I would do it in a heartbeat. I dont even care how this statement is perceived by anyone but I had to get it out. There is not a particular person that is making me react this way, just the way cancer has put so much perspective in my life and has made me see the people who really have a lot to complain about and dont. I want to say to these people, "Before you complain about whatever you are going to complain about, THINK about what you are complaining about and thing how small and minute it is in the whole scheme of things". I am not even trying to say, think about me, no, not at all. I am saying think about the little kids who suffer everyday who have nothing to eat and no home to live in. Think about the people who live in a country with no freedoms to do anything, just think, please

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