Wednesday, March 08, 2006


When I discovered the lump in my breast I knew that something wasnt right. I felt nothing there the month before and I am vigilant about monthly self-breast exams since becoming pregnant with my daughter. I am also a nurse and my husband is an oncology nurse so that makes it even more ironic in a way. He works with cancer patients all day and now he has a spouse with cancer. I made him feel it to make sure I wasnt dreaming and he said it was definitely something to get checked. I seroiusly thought that I was overreacting because fibrocystic breast disease runs in my family, both my Mom and Grandmother had it.
Waiting to get the ultasound seemed to take forever and they were squeezing me in the schedule because it was extremely busy. So I found it on the 23rd and then had the appointment for the ultasound on Valentine's Day, Feb 14th.

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