Saturday, March 18, 2006


When I was in my last year of Nursing School (1996) I attended the National Student Nurses Association Convention in New Orleans, LA. I figured since it was my last year of school I was going to graduate in a month so I might as well have some fun. We attended all the classes and during our time off we shopped, ate and drank mostly in the French Quarter on Burbon St and Decatur Ave (sorry if my spelling is off). One night we were walking around a voodoo shop that had a psychic/tarot card reader located in the back of the store. All my friends wanted me to have my cards read, I think because I had the most exciting life (so they thought! LOL). They decided to pay so I had no choice and sat down. The lady began to read my cards:

She said that there is a man that I know in my life that is a friend and wants to be more. I will not marry the man I was almost engaged to and I will marry this man friend that is in my life and cares very much about me. She went on to say that I will have 2 children, a girl first and then a boy. I will have serious health problems during the 1st 7 years or so of our marriage that will be very difficult and hard on the both of us. The good news is that I will recover and the marriage will be stronger than ever.

It wasnt until after I had my 2 kids that I remembered what she said to me and that most of what she said had happened. My husband and I met in nursing school and I was not interested in dating at the time so we were just friends. He always asked me out, every day as a matter of fact to the point of being annoying and I said no a million times. Poor guy. We did get together a month after my fiance (at the time) disappeared off the face of the earth (just walked out on me but the best thing that ever happened because he was a very bad alcoholic and took lots of stuff out on me). After dating from June 1996, we got engaged in Oct 1997 and married in September 1998. I have been ill many times during our 7.5 years of marriage including back surgery, thyroidectomy, carpal tunnel surgery, tonsillectomy and pregnancy related issues such as single umbilical artery with my son, hospitalizations and ER visits for migraines & hyperemesis gravidarum due to >Hcg levels caused by Graves Disease. Then I started itching my skin until I bled and found out it was PUPPS, a rare skin problem that affects women in their last trimester of pregnancy (take 1% of pregnant women and 1% of those 1% get PUPPS). Of course with my luck it would be me thats in that 1%. What can I do but laugh and try to make light of all these things. My Mom seems to think that someone put the evil eye on me (Italian superstition) and she thinks she knows who it is. I tend not to believe in those things to much because I believe in God. Stuff like that sounds like the devils work to me and I feel that my belief in God protects me from that. I dont mean to say that psychics are frauds or doing the devils work, please dont misunderstand what I am saying here. I do believe that there are genuine pyschics who are for real, like the one that read my cards and there are others just out for your money. I guess its like any other profession, you have your good and your bad in all of them.

I have thought several times about going to a psychic and hearing what they have to say about my future. What keeps me away is the fear of what they might say is something I dont want to hear. That sounded confusing but I am afraid to know the future because I dont want it to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I just put my faith in God that he will protect me and I have more work here on earth and I cant leave now.

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heidi w. said...

This is heidi w. -- from LHC -- you have a great attitude, and I totally agree with the whining thing that people do. Sometimes I catch myself doing it, but often it's around PMS time. It's harder to manage then--at least for me.

What I really want to tell you is that I'm listening, and reading. You've gone through a lot. I am afraid of cancer mostly because I don't understand what the doctors do. One woman I know told me that they put you on some board with your breast through some hole, and raise you up and then the docs work from underneath and stick a needle through your nipple. That only made it worse.

I'm also upset that so, so many women are suffering from this, and while the survival rate is improving, it's still a lot of women dealing with this. I know so many people who have dealth with it, all ages too.

Anyway, probably dumb of me to come here, but I was really curious. I linked in from LHC.

Just know that I'm paying attention. Truthfully, I have tears in my eyes for you and your family. It's just sad this is so.

But you do your best to hang in there. I don't really know what else to say. Sorry that I don't know the RIGHT thing to say. heidi w.