Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pathology Report from Surgery

The pathology report came back on the 8th of March. The surgeon called me with the results. She said that she had some good news and some bad news. She said that out of the 15 lymph nodes she took only one was positive for cancer. The bad news is that I have not one, but two types of cancer. One is called Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) and the other is called Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS). Having both together is known as Multifocal Cancer. The margins on the DCIS were also not clear meaning that I needed a left breast mastectomy after I finish chemo, and possibly a bilateral mastectomy if my genetics test is positive for the markers (BrCA1 and/or BrCA2). They need to start the chemo right away due to the fact that I had a positive sentinel node meaning that a stray cancer cell could have gotten away. They cant guarantee that is not anywhere else in my body. I knew all along that this was a big possibility and I am very accepting of the fact that this is what needs to be done if I want to remain cancer free after my treatment is finished. Another good thing that I see coming out of this is that I wont need radiation like they thought I would. Thats a big relief. I am trading off radiation for surgery but thats OK. Some of my family members were taken back by this news of more surgery and found it hard to understand. I explained the reasons it needs to be done and that I am really at peace with it and they should be too. I am anxious and nervous but who wouldnt be? The next step is for me to heal before I start chemo and also take tests that are necessary before receiving certain chemotheraputic drugs. Adriamycin can cause problems with the heart so they need to make sure my heart is strong and healthy. I think they are planning on doing them next week.

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