Friday, February 16, 2007

Time for a Trim

Last night my hair was getting on my nerves. Its growing out very curly/shaggy, whatever you want to call it, it's messy. Last time I went for a haircut was in December before Christmas so its been 2 months and I wanted to wait at least 2 months before I went. I am trying to let it get to all one length and the bottom grows so fast that it looks like I have a mullet, not that a mullet is bad if its your thing. Its just not mine. I decided to cut my own hair. I cut my husbands, sons, daughters and when I had waistlength hair I used to trim my own. Plus I am the one that gave myself the haircuts before it all fell out so I had faith. I also dont have $45 for a cut right now. I didnt take a before picture but here is an after:
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Overall its a good cut and I am proud of it for the time being. Its growing fast and I am hoping that it will be in a bob style before summer.
This was at my birfeeder in the middle of the nor'Easter:
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We get the coolest birds here, I love it. Thats a woodpecker (not sure of the type).
These are also some of my handiwork that I did over the past few days (I apologize for the picture because its very hard to get a close up and stay in focus) There is a BLUE theme going on here in honor of PROJECT SPECTRUM:
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If anyone is interested in purchasing these just let me know. The last ones I posted about sold for $10 so they're in that range of $8-10 and the plain ones (airplane and hearts) are $5. I am going to swing by the other yarn store in my area to see if they are interested in selling them.
Oh, another more important thing I wanted to mention was that I GOT IN to the NANCY BUSH Vintage Sock Class!!!! I am so excited over it and I am nervous now to be in the company of such an awesome sock knitter. I hope I measure up!

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