Sunday, February 11, 2007

Famous or Infamous?

Well, I never thought I would achieve fame but somehow I have, at least a little. I cant lie and say that I am not excited to be on Get Stitchy! because I am! Its exciting that my blog is worthy of such an honor (said with a British accent). Its a wonderful thing not only for me but for others who not only are in the fiber arts but are Breast Cancer Survivors. Enough about my 15 minutes of fame onto my FO's.

Project Spectrum-BLUE Project:
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Here is Snoopy wearing my mini-blue sweater that I made in the finishing class I was talking about a couple of posts ago. Its made to fit a doll like American Girl but my DD doesnt have one of those. We have every stuffed animal in the world mind you so they will have to do! Its made out of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky with size 10.5 needles. I could have gone up to an 11 but I was already 1/2 done with it before I realized this. Its cute and the buttons are my favorite part of the project (little blue duckies).

Another multi-colored VERY quick project that I did in 2 nights were these slipper socks that I made my DD:
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These are also made with Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick, Rocky Mountains is the color. I used the magic loop method with my size 15 Denise Needles and the 40" cable attachment that can be purchased seperately. The toes are done in white with some leftover Lion Brand Thick & Quick so I guess it can be part of Project Spectrum because of the white (and blue somewhere in the midst of the rainbow of colors!) for the months of Feb/Mar.

In other knitting "knews" I am almost done with one of my Dad's Birthday socks and still working on my Aunts scarf which I hope I can finish by the 25th (we are celebrating it that day instead of the 22nd which is her real birthday so I get a few days repreive). You also might think that I have forgotten the Paton's Street Smart Cable Hoodie but its being worked on, slowly, very slowly and I can definitelty say that it wont be finished anytime soon. There are so many WIP that its hard to work on just that sweater all the time.

I am sick, still, and worse than the other day. Now I am on antibiotics that I started yesterday and steroids because I was having pain and trouble breathing last night and called my Dr. He wants me to go for a chest x-ray on Monday to see whats going on. He called in a Med Pack (steroids) to the pharmacy so I started them all at once before bed. Not only do I have chest/lung pain but stomach pain. My loyal readers know that steroids and me dont mix very well. They killed me when I was going through chemo and had to get large loading doses before, during and after a treatment. My DH, who is also on his second round of steroids and antibiotics stayed home from work today so I could rest. The pulmonologist at his job made him have another chest x-ray and it showed that he still had an infiltrate (pnuemonia) in one of his lower lungs. Hell, I dont know how he was working that way but we are in debt right now so he has no choice. I am grateful that he's here today.

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