Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Finally, the Dog Sweater

I finished this Cabled Dog Sweater last week and my dog Frank (the old man) is here modeling it for me:
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You can see the cable a little better in this picture (notice my orange kitty's tail on the left side of the picture):
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This is the sweater being modeled by my DD's stuffed animal so you can see the detail in the front especially the cute button that matches the crocheted edging:
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The sweater was intended to be given to my black and tan doxie, Ernie but when I tried it on him it was very short. It was even a bit short on Frank but fits him much better than Ernie so I decided to give it to him instead. Now I owe my 2 other dogs sweaters. At least now I know that they need to be much longer than I had made due to the bunching up by the neck and shoulder area. Its so cute seeing Frank wear it all day and not want to take it off at night. Too cute!

I frogged the TOFUTSIES on the size 1 DPN's because I noticed ladders forming and it wasnt looking good. If I am not happy with something then I have to stop doing it, its just the way I am. I started over with Addi Turbo 40" size 0 and its looking a lot better. They suggest size 2's but there is no way that this yarn would work with 2's (for me that is). Its really weird because I am a tight knitter and I have no idea why its looking so loose even with 1's. Thats the reason I am using 0's. I should be done by Christmas, LOL!! They are so tiny and I cant work that fast because my left hand (the one with the lypmhedema) gets numb and hurts.

The BMFA Sock Club is going to be starting soon. They said we should get our 1st delivery mid-Feb and I cant wait!! I highly doubt that I will be done with this TOFUTSIES sock by then!

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