Friday, February 09, 2007

Teachers and My Test Results

Today I had my 6 month post-chemo check up with my Oncologist. He was very serious when he brought me into his office and that made me nervous. He first reviewed my blood test results which were normal. Then he went over the CAT Scan which was for the most part OK except for the multiple cysts I have on my liver. I have no idea what they mean and he told me that its nothing to worry about and that he would be monitoring me very closely for changes. He then said that he wants me to have a PET Scan in 3 months. He also said that I would have to have these tests every 3 months for 2 years and then every 4-6 months depending on how I am doing. Afterwards he brought me into the exam room and examined me. He listened to this horrendous cough I have and said that he didnt like the way my right lower lung sounded. He gave me a script for Zithromax and told me to start it in a day or two if there was no improvement in the cough or if the phlem changes colors (YUM!) or fever develops. Other than that everything went well.

After the Oncologist appt I walked across the street to my OT appointment and she said that my arm/hand looked good and that I didnt have to come in every week, just when it gets worse.

On the way home I stopped at Knitting Central to return the broken Lantern Moon DPN's that broke the other day. At my finishing class last night Cynthia told me to bring the DPN's right back and she would give me new ones. Instead of getting the same length needles (the broken ones were 7") I exchanged them for 5" ones. They're called Sox Stix and are specifically for making socks. They come in this cute plaid organza bag that's great for storage and protection from the elements. While I was there Cynthia was asking me about how the class went last night. I told her that it went well and that I learned a lot. She told me that the teacher had called to tell her that someone was upset and I am assuming that she was referring to me. This is the reason I am saying that: Many times that I was speaking out loud but not loudly, I was told to be quiet and that others are working and that if I wanted to talk that I should go up front to sit. Then I asked a question (just like everyone else was doing especially one clueless woman sitting next to me and I am not trying to be mean but she kept asking the same thing over and over and even stitched the marker into the knitting accidentally because she didnt know how to knit around it or slip it to the right needle!!) and the teacher said, "Its in your directions, read your directions". How come she didnt say that to the clueless woman next to me? Especially since all you had to do was was READ the directions. I said, "I am sorry that I asked the question, everyone else is asking them and you answered them". I dont think she liked me very much. She had no reason to continually single me out and tell me to be quiet when EVERYONE else was having conversation. I wasnt speaking when she was either, I am not rude like that. The clueless woman was asking me a million questions and I was helping her. Then the other lady sitting on the other side of me was talking very quietly to me and the teacher singled ME out again. One of the ladies was a BC survivor and was talking to me during the 1st class and the teacher told us (me) that we were a ROWDY bunch. I dont think that I am anything like that and I was very insulted that she continually referred to us this way. Can you tell that I dont like this teacher? LOL Anyway, I love taking classes and I understand that different teachers have different teaching styles but I learned and hungered for more knowledge when I was in Sally's classes (I took Magic Loop and the Dog Sweater class with her) than in this class. Sally is a wonderful teacher always praising the students and making me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. This teacher kept mentioning classes that were coming up and how difficult and challenging they were making it sound to difficult and I even heard some ladies groan in disappointment thinking that it would be to hard for them. Now back to the subject- It came to a point in the class where I was afraid to ask her any questions for fear that she would embarrass me by telling me to read the directions or shut me up by telling me to "settle down". Now I am not mentioning her name because that wouldnt be fair and I am all about fairness and it doesnt make me not want to take a class again but most likely not with her. Another thing that bothered me was the teacher kept saying that VOGUE KNITTING has an awesome book that many knitters refer to as the "bible" of knitting with lots of references and answers to questions. I actually have a book very much like the VOGUE book and use it amoung many others I have on my shelf all the time when I am knitting. Sometimes though I need to be shown how to do something and I go to for videos on stitches and stuff. This is the site that taught me how to knit and look how far I have come since I started in July of 2006. When I mentioned this at the class last night the teacher immediatley jumped down my throat and said, "Oh that site is not accurate and their abbreviations are not universal, yadda, yadda, yadda..." OK, let me just say that I couldnt believe she was doing this to me and at this point I want to leave. I wanted to leave anyway so I could get home and see ER so I started packing up my stuff. PLUS, I was FINISHED with my sweater anyway and I think the teacher took it as I was mad and leaving over that. Cynthia said that maybe she didnt know what to say since I was mentioning a website and it coulld be in a way betraying her business because instead of telling them to buy the book I was praising this site. OK thats bologna because the internet is free and all the videos on it are free and I am not getting a commission from anything I am saying, I just want to help people with their knitting. I didnt even realize that I left 10 minutes before class ended! The clock in my car said 9:23 pm and its set 3 minutes fast thats why she said someone left upset last night!! I just realized this! Maybe this teacher should take her own advice because during the 1st class we were all talking about the closing of another yarn shop 2 towns over and we were sad about it. Then we were talking about the other shops around the area (KC is my favorite and I am not just saying that its true) and talking about how we liked them or disliked them. Then I had told a story about a shop I went to where I was not treated nicely by the owner mind you and the teacher agreed with me saying that it wasnt right to talk about other businesses. Now we are not supposed to talk about anyone but yet it was OK for her to do it. Hypocrisy! I think I went on enough about this dont you. I dont want Cynthia to think I am mad or holding a grudge but I am upset the way I was treated and probably wont take a class that this teacher again. After all I have been through I am not afraid to speak my mind and especially if I am treated in a bad way. Shame on you teacher!

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