Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day Anniversary

A few posts back I mentioned that there were a lot of important dates during this month that marked an anniversary for me of sorts since my diagnosis with breast cancer. The first date was Feb 2nd, the day I found my lump and Feb 14th was the day that I went to have my ultrasound and mammogram. I made the appointment on that day because I thought if they did find anything I would never forget that it happened on Valentine's Day. I went in and had an ultrasound of both breasts and the tech that did it had this look on her face that I will never forget. She then called in the Dr to re-do the breast to make sure she was seeing what she thought she was seeing. After that they told me they found a tumor and that they had to do a mammo right away. I went into the next room and had my 1st mammogram. They had to do several shots MULTIPLE times because they were not getting the pictures they liked and my boobs were feeling crushed. Afterwards the radiologist told me that from reading the results of both tests that she wanted me to set up an appointment with the breast surgeon and a biopsy for the following week at the hospital. At this point I was nervous but not overly nervous. I made the appointments and hoped for the best. Thats how I remember Valentines Day and how I will always remember it.

Last night I finished one baby bootie that I am making for my cousins baby. I am using a lone ball of RY Cashsoft and its a blue turquoise color. That means it counts for Project Spectrum for Feb/March!! I am working on the second bootie and a hat made with one of those small looms. I had another lone hank of Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky Handdyes in the same color so I thought why not make a matching hat? I hope its not so small for her baby because he is going to be 7 months old and I am not sure how big his head is. If it doesnt fit I'll donate it to the hospital or somewhere its needed.

Today was an official snow day for all the kids in our town due to the Nor'Easter thats bearing down on New England right now. Its not snowing but sleeting and freezing rain and the wind is whipping in at 30mph. They are predicting 50mph winds later and I am hoping we dont lose power. I made sure to do all the laundry last night. H&R Block called and cancelled the appointment to do my taxes today because the accountant couldnt make it in. I rescheduled for next Wednesday. I need to get those done ASAP! I am sure all of you out there know what I am talking about.
Here is a GREY & WHITE picture that qualifies for Project Spectrum and a BLUE one of some kid that lives with me (LOL). Please excuse the grainy camera phone:
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Right now I am waiting for 12 noon to roll on in because my LYS is having my sock idol, Nancy Bush, come to teach 2 classes in the Spring. They are not taking reservations until 12 noon and only by phone! I am praying I get a spot in one of the two classes. One is on Vintage Sock Knitting and the second is Esotonian Sock Knitting. I would LOVE to take the second class because it involves multicolor stranded knitting but I think I would be better with the 1st one. I hope I get it.

I am working another dog sweater for my other doxie. Its going to be made with a bright red Caron Simply Soft cheap acrylic due to the fact that the Artyarns one I made the old man had a million pulls in it already and its just not worth spending $20-30 on yarn. I love the way the Caron is knitting up, very nice and not feeling like an acrylic at all. Plus its totally washable and dryable.

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