Sunday, February 18, 2007

"I dont think that would be a good idea"

There is a LYS a few towns over that is going out of business. Already having been there once and not really seeing any savings I was reluctant to go back but curious as to how low their prices would go. They sent e-mails daily saying that they were lowering the prices further so I had to check it out, plus I had nothing better to do today but take a little ride. I only had a couple of bucks to spend because we are totally broke. I made a list of only the yarn I needed for projects that I had planned out. When I arrived at the store the 1st thing I noticed was that it was almost empty! I couldnt believe it because like I said the prices were not as low as they should have been. The wall that had all the 100% wool like Lambs Pride and Cascade 220 was EMPTY. Well there goes the 1st idea I had but not to fear I have plenty of that stuff at home. I then checked out the cottons and low and behold they had 1 hank of Patagonia cotton in the variegated pink/turquoise colorway! I have 4 hanks at home and this would make 5, more than enough for a caplet or shrug maybe even a clapotis wrap! I also have some Araucania Natural Cotton (1 hank) in a dark pink that matches the Patagonia perfectly and would border the caplet nicely. It was only $6 which is half price! whohoo!!! The second project that I was looking for a compatible yarn for was the Mason-Dixon lace curtain that I want to make for my bathroom. They suggest using Euroflax which one, I cant stand the feel of it and two it was very expensive even with the discount. Instead I bought some On Line Egyptian Cotton in a beautiful lavender color that matches my bath perfectly! That was only $7!! Then I found one lone ball of Cascade Yarns Bollicine Victor in white which is PERFECT to make the Fair Isle hat I have planned for DH. I already have 2 balls of the same yarn in hunter green and thats why I was looking for a white or light color to go with it. Total yardage is 342 yds and its bulky so I just might be able to get away with mittens and a hat if I am lucky. I should then use the largest needle I can get away with to make the yarn go far. I found an Ann Norling mitten pattern for $1 and its actually 4 patterns in one and for all different gauges too. You just fill in the blanks with your yarn gauge and start knitting! The last thing I picked up for 50 cents was a Susan Bates Crochet hook in size P for my daughter. She knits when she feels like it and I dont force her at all otherwise it will backfire on me. Yesterday I was making some washrags for my kitchen and I was crocheting them. Immediately she started yelling, " I want to crochet, teach me, teach me Mommy!" I broke out some leftover multicolor yarn (JIFFY THICK & QUICK by Lion Brand) from the socks I made her. All in all it was a good day. I already have the yarn to make my DH his fair isle mittens. I am planning on using Berrocco Alpaca for his mittens.

So finally I can explain the title of this post. I was looking around in the LYS and I had to go to the bathroom really bad. They have a bathroom there because its a huge place and also because they teach classes there and HAVE to have one. I was halfway in the bathroom when one of the ladies that works there came into the back area so I asked her, "Can I PLEASE use your restroom I am about to bust! (All with a smile on my face and a little chuckle thrown in. She replied, "I dont think that would be a good idea". You have got to be kidding me, right? You are closing this store in less than a week or two and I cant use the bathroom? It doesnt make sense to me at all and at this point I wanted to tell her where she could go and also say that people with empty bladders will spend more money. No wonder why they couldnt maintain that business. All this is not a surprise to me because when I first went in that store over the summer as a newbie knitter I asked a question about how much yardage is needed for a sweater in a particular yarn I was going to purchase. The same woman answered my question but had an attitude and it wasnt nice. My favorite yarn stores are where I live anyway. One is Knotty Girl ( ) and my all time favorite is of course Knitting Central ( ) . They treat everyone with respect and I LOVE going in there and never fear to ask a question when I need help. They are always as sweet as anyone can be to me and all their other customers. Cynthia's store is much smaller than the one that was going out of business and she does (just assuming from all the customers I see there and the classes she runs with famous teachers like Nancy Bush, Nicky Epstein and others). The most important thing is they have bathrooms that their valued customers can use!

I visited Knottygirl to see the owner about selling my stitch markers but she was out today. I plan to go next Tuesday and I am praying she buys some to sell in her store. If she doesnt there are a couple of other stores but they are not close to me. They were very crowded when I was there and I voted for the scarf I liked best in this contest they are having. The staff designed scarves and they are not labeled so the customer wont know who did which one and play favorites. I voted for a green one with colorful knitted flowers all over it because it was very Springy looking, also because it looked like it took the most time to do. I've done scarves like this for my Mom and one of my doctors and it took me some time because of the crocheted flowers on them.

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