Friday, February 02, 2007

The First Anniversary of February

The month of February is one of many anniversaries for me. The first one was today Feb 2. Exactly one year ago today on 2/2/06 I found the lump in my breast, my cancer. I didnt know at the time it was cancer just a lump of sorts so I wasnt yet freaking out. Today, without realizing what the significance of the day was, I went for my 6 month post-chemo CAT scan and blood tests. I was a bit nervous today and the person who did my scan was a sweetheart. Every time the contrast dye was going into my IV the piece would pop out and I was soaked with IV contrast dye, which I can say now is rather sticky. This happened 3 times and she was apologizing profusely (which it wasnt her fault but the silly cathether that was kinked inside my vein) and I told her, no worries. I kept thinking of the yarn sale that I was headed to afterwards and that made me feel better. That IV contrast solution makes certain parts of your body VERY HOT. It feels like your body is on fire especially your groin area, chest and throat but it doesnt last long, only 3 minutes or so. I wont get the results until I see my oncologist next week. The only thing that I am worried about is the flank pain that I have been having for 3 weeks and yesterday I had pain behind my right breast (implant). I think that its just muscular so I am not overly worried.

After the tests I headed to the yarn liquidation sale and picked up a few things, not much. It wasnt that good of a sale in my opinion. It should have been at least 50-60% off but it wasnt. For example Cascade 220 is usually $7-8 and it was $4.85. It should have been $3.50 or less. Then they had cashmere usually $29 and it was only marked down a couple of dollars! I asked why they were going out of business and the owner told me that the over head was way to high and they couldnt cover it. Business was down 55% and they were actually losing money. Its sad that we wont have another choice around here but I still love Knitting Central the best because Cynthia (the owner) takes care of her customers. I approached her last night about selling my stitch markers and she said that she already has a contract with the woman who makes them for her. I want to have an affordable option for people who rather not spend $35 on 5 stitch markers. Mine would be $10-15 for 5 depending upon what materials I am using in them. I am going to visit some other yarn shops but if thats not successful then I am going to open an store and sell them there. I just received some supplies from and I cant wait to make some more. I am going to give some to the ladies in my class to spread the word and maybe generate some business that way.

Last night I had my first of two Finishing Classes for beginners and it was great. We are making a mini-sweater and its coming out fabulous. We learned 3 needle bind off and the mattress stitch and picking up stitches. I knew a few of those already but its always good to be shown the proper way to do something or a different technique that makes something easier to do.

I ditched the fingerless mitts that I was making my aunt and made a little purse instead with the pink ribbon on the side. I have to take a picture soon. I am making her a scarf instead since she never takes off the one I made her for Christmas. I am making it in the Baby Genius pattern thats in MASON DIXON KNITTING and using New England Highland Wool thats made in New Hampshire (gorgeous periwinkle color) and Noro Kureyon alternating every 2 rows. Its looking great as are my Dad's Artyarns socks. I havent worked on my Street Smart Hoodie much due to all the deadlines for birthdays looming but plan to in the near future.

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