Monday, January 29, 2007

Look What I Made!

Yesterday we had, literally, a TON of people here for my DD's birthday. It went very well and I was very surprised that I remained calm and collected the entire day. It might have been the milligram of Ativan that I took before everyone got here, LOL. I made a 3 tiered chocolate and vanilla cake that was almost gone by the time everyone had their share. My Mom made a HUGE rib roast, pork roast, manicotti and broccoli and everyone ate AND we still have leftovers for dinner tonight! My sister was a no show (big surprise) and no call about why she didnt show. My Mom had it out with her but she wont talk about it. I am not going to either.

Today my DH had to go speak to my DD's principal about some changes that were made with how they dismiss the kids. I was very impressed how he handled the situation and very happy that he is doing such a wonderful job as my DD's new principal. He has a mess to clean up from the one that was before him. I thought at the time that she was pretty good but now realize she wasnt. When my DH approached him in the drop off circle he immediately knew who he was and my DD's name! He even knew my son's name and he doesnt even go there yet. He is in the special ed program and the principals get a file on the child a year before they begin school. That makes me feel so much better about him transitioning into the system. Anyway, what I thought was going to be an issue isnt and I am thrilled.

Afterwards my husband and I visited the new HOBBYLOBBY they opened in town. WOW! What an awesome store! Model airplanes, boats, ships, games, remote control helicopters, trains, you name it, it was there. The owner of the store took our picture because we were his second customers! It turns out they JUST opened that morning at 10 am so we were really the second customers. Maybe we will be in the papers, you never know. We bought my son a THOMAS the TANK ENGINE puzzle, an army parachute man (I am sure everyone reading had one when they were kids that you throw up in the air and it parachutes to the ground. I love it!) a MELISSA & DOUG magnetic resonsibility chart for the kids. It has chores and responsibilities that you put a reward magnet next to it for every day of the week. I have to do something because my kids are rebelling against our authority as children do. They have been sick for the past 3 weeks with a nasty cough/cold that wont let go and finally yesterday my DH and both kids started Augmentin because they had developed low grade temps. Thats probably one of the reasons they havent been behaving as they should. My DD has her 7 year check up appointment next month and the pediatrician wants PFT's (Pulmonary Function Tests). She might need to be on a daily asthma medication because she is always getting sick and it settles in her lungs. I am a little nervous about that. My Grandmother was annoying me yesterday saying that the reason she has asthma is due to all the animals I have. She also told me that I have a fat ass yesterday in front of all my guests. She said, "Look at the size of that ass and how wide it is!" She should look in the mirror more often before she makes nasty comments about other people. I already know that I need to lose weight and I am working on that and I dont need to hear it from her. My DH had the perfect come back. He said, "If you had gone through the treatments, chemo and surgeries that my wife has gone through this past year, you would be dead! I think my wife is doing pretty well considering and her ass looks fine to me." I love it!

We hit the bookstore after HOBBYLOBBY and I headed for the knitting section where some lady was leaning on the bookshelf with all the knitting books screaming into her cell phone. Hey lady, do you realize this is a BOOK STORE and not your living room? Oh, and get yourself off the bookshelf so OTHERS besides YOU can look at the BOOKS!! They didnt have anything new so I just picked up a magazine with some cute patterns.

I am trying to get rid of a migraine that I started the day with but it wont leave me!
Finally, I will address the title of my post. I had some supplies to make stitch markers so I whipped these babies up, sorry for the bad picture but its really hard to get a decent one with my old digital:
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I plan on giving them to some knitting friends and I also want to give a set to Sally, my sock/dog sweater knitting teacher. I would love to sell these on Etsy or eBay but need to make a large quantity before I advertise them. They dont take much time or money to make so there is nothing stopping me! I should run them by owners of the LYS in town and maybe they can sell them. I would donate a percentage of the profits I make to breast cancer research and the AVON WALK that my Mom and I will be doing in October. Each person who participates has to raise a mimimium of $1800 to walk and I think this is one way we can do it. 5% of the profits would go directly to BC Research. If anyone is interested in purchasing these stitch markers from me please feel free to leave a comment here.

One of the LYS that I frequent is closing down for good. I received an e-mail last night and I am sad about it but they are going to have some HUGE sales soon. Maybe there is some 50% off cashmere in my future?? Hmmm...

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