Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cabled Dog Sweater Class

In Knitting News I re-paid for my sock club so I can stop having heartburn about not being able to get into the club due to the banks screw up. I frogged a few projects that I either messed up on or that were not really interesting me anymore. One of them being the Voodoo wrist warmers. I found a mistake that I tried to fix to no avail and it was better to just start over. I plan to do them using the magic loop method the next time. I also said good-bye to my Patons Soy Wool Stripes Scarf that was boring me to DEATH! I had finished one of the Jingle Bell Rock colorway socks from BMFA and since they are a Christmas colorway and Christmas is over I decided to put them away and finish the second sock next Christmas when I would be in the mood. I wouldnt wear them if I finished them anyway so away they went. I feel great now starting with a clean slate to concentrate on the other projects like the Cabled Dog sweater (I had the 1st class yesterday) and the pre-homework I have to complete for the Finishing Class in February. I am a few stitches away from finishing another baby kimono that I started a few days ago for a Dr that works with my DH. He and his wife had a baby girl and I was dying to make something in pink. There is so much pink in my stash that I have to use it sometime for someone other than me! I am using Red Heart Soft Yarn for the Kimono. I know its acrylic but its VERY soft and washable which is the best thing for a newborn.

In medical news I have a couple appointments with the PS and breast surgeon next week and I will find out when the nipple reconstruction will take place. I have also been suffering with flank pain that has not abated since my period ended and its starting to annoy me. I thought at first that it was just due to my period OR might be because of the back surgery and just a strain to the muscles but its still bothering me after a couple of weeks. I have to make an a appointment with the oncologist this month. He wanted to see me in January anyway and then I have to see the GYN because its been a year so between the two of them it should be figured out. I'm praying that its nothing to worry about.

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