Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nothing Going on but the Knit

Not much happening around here, except knitting. My hair is growing and its getting into the weird stage. Its about to that point where the curl is coming back and it goes in every direction known to man. I am trying to do other things like wear hats, scarves, whatever to get through this awkward stage. I do not want to get it cut right now, I want it to grow. Thats one reason I started CALORIMETRY. It the head wrap design thats on Knitty . There are lots of people doing it right now, probably for the same reasons I am. Its cold and I am sick of wearing baseball caps. I want something thats stylish and shows off my hair (as if thats possible at the moment! LOL) I am using ARTYARNS Supermerino 6 (or 8, I cant remember. Its 104 yds a hank and the pattern calls for 93-98 yds). Its variegated and has lots of cool colors in it like maroon, green, & light green in it. I'll post a pic on my blog when I am done with it. The cabled dog sweater is coming along nicely and I am so proud of my aran cabling! Its going to look splendid on my black and tan doxie. I just hope he likes it as much as I do! Tomorrow there is a STITCH n' BITCH meet up at YALE and I really want to go. I havent been to one since November and there are a lot of knitters going tomorrow. Its at a bookstore no less so thats another great reason to go. I have a HUGE migraine right now so I am going to play it by ear and see how I feel tomorrow.

Yesterday we got our living room furniture delivered!!! We now have a living room for the first time since we moved in July of 2005. All we need now is a rug, pillowa, some pics on the wall (I have lots of those in the closet I just have to figure out where to put them) and a chair with an ottoman or a chaise/recliner type of chair. I absolutely LOVE the whole set. Its the first time I have had a sectional and my favorite spot to sit is right in the corner of the couch where it bends. The dogs have a new "perch" on the top of the couch due to them being vertically challenged. Now they cant look out the windows in the front and they are so excited about it. At least in this house they CAN look outside. In the back of the house we have all glass doors that go all the way down to the ground so they are small dog friendly. In the old house the only way the dogs could look outside was when the front door was open and they looked out the screen door or if they hopped on the back of one of the couches and looked out the windows to the back (where there was nothing to see). I put a couple of afghan throws on the couch so the dogs dont ruin it before we get a chance to sit on them ourselves! The cats have already discovered a new place to sleep. All I can say is thank God for roller brushes. BJ's sells them by the bushel in these HUGE packs and guess who buys them? Hmmm...

This morning I received a very nice phone call from the co-worker of my DH whom I made the 1st baby kimono (yellow). I was so worried that it was going to be too small but she reassured me that he is a small baby at a little over 6 lbs at a month old. He was 4 lbs and change at birth and not a premie, just small. She couldnt thank me enough for it, said it fit perfectly and couldnt believe I made it. Well, she said that she didnt know how talented I was. I thought that was so nice of her to say and my head swelled a little bit. Its so nice when people appreciate homemade things like that. Maybe I'll make booties to match the kimono, after I finish what I am working on that is. (NOT!)

I am anxiously awaiting my PATONS Street Smart Hoodie pattern from JoAnn's. Maybe it will get here today. Remember a few months ago I mentioned that my LYS was offering a class on Baby Argyle socks and that the class was totally full when I called to take it? Well, it turns out they had such huge resonse to that class that they put all the people that wanted to take it but where closed out the 1st time on a wait list. I received a call from Sally (the sock guru) the other day that they were going to offer it again in April!!! I checked my DH's schedule and called yesterday to sign up for it. Could you believe that the class was almost full, AGAIN!!! I am so happy I made it into the class. I am hoping that I can adapt the pattern for an adults size foot. What an awesome gift that would make.

My DD's birthday was this past week and my sister called me. She didnt ask me how I felt or address how she treated me and my kids on Christmas but she did tell me she would be home (at my Moms) for my DD's family party which she thought was tomorrow. I told her that it was changed to next week and it was going to be at MY house not my Moms. She said that it was her boyfriends birthday and she wasnt sure she could make it. Was I expecting some other response? I didnt know that a 28 year old couldnt celebrate their birthday on another day, like my DD was doing. I think everyone does that. Cant take an hour out of her day to come over for some cake with her God daughter, of course not. If it were one of her friends she would find a way. I am so sick of her immaturity and I am sick of wasting words on a good for nothing sister.

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