Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Quakers & Calorimetry

This is a normal sight at the birdfeeder in my back yard.
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They are Quaker Parrots and there are literally hundreds all over Fairfield County. There is huge flock located by the beach in my town. There is also a huge debate going on with the electric company about these parrots building there nests in the elecrtical transformers, destroying them and the electrical company has been gathering up these beautiful birds and euthanizing them. Some think they are a nuisance causing all this trouble but I dont think its right that they kill them over it. There has to be another way that we can co-exist with these birds even though they are not native to this area. If you Google: Quaker Parrots in CT, you'll see the whole story.
Here are two Calorimetry that took me a few hours each to make. I love this pattern! The first one is made with Artyarns Supermerino which I used a size 7 needle and followed the 120 CO stitches that the pattern suggests and it fits perfectly.
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The second one in this picture is made with Patons SWS yarn in Earth Tones. I CO 108 stitches instead of the 120 with the size 7's because the yarn is thicker than the Supermerino. You can see that there is really no difference in the size with them next to one another.
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Yesterday I received my Patons pattern in the mail and I cant wait to start it. It looks a bit intimidating but I am going to do it. I would have started it yesterday but I have my Cabled Dog sweater class this weekend and I have to work on that and also the Finishing Class homework is due soon. My Aunt's birthday is Feb 22 and I changed my mind about the gift I am making her. I was making the Voodoo Fingerless mits but now I am crocheting her half-mittens that I designed instead. My Dad's birthday is Mar. 8th and I am making him socks with Artyarns Supermerino using the Thuja pattern from .

Yesterday I had a plastic surgeon appointment. He couldnt thank me enough for the scarf I made him for Christmas and we got chatting on the subject of knitting for a few minutes. I showed him the socks I was wearing (Cascade Fixation-pink socks) and he was amazed at all the different stitches in the sock. He was pointing to the stitches of the heel, leg and foot saying that he didnt know how I did all those different stitches. I tried to explain to him by showing the socks that I had in my bag (the ones I have been working on since Thanksgiving) pointing out the different parts of the sock. I told him that he should take up knitting because lots of men did it and its relaxing. He did say he needed to relax but he expressed fear of being made fun of from other men if he did knit. I told him to Google: Men who Knit and see what he came up with. I am still planning on making him socks in the near future and the Briar Rose Fibers might be a good choice for a nice thick hiking sock. Thats the wool I bought in Rhinebeck and I have more than enough to make him and my DH socks. Its a 500 yd hank that I rolled yesterday and it took me a while because it was so big. In medical news, my next procedure with the PS is going to be in March.

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