Monday, January 15, 2007

Future Sweater Endeavor and other WIP's

Yes, I have plans. Plans to make a beautiful cabled hoodie for myself. I first saw the gorgeous sweater on Lolly's Blog I ventured out to find the Paton's Street Smart Booklet that contained the pattern but it didnt want to be found. I e-mailed Lolly and she was kind enough to point out that JoAnn's had it. I cant believe that I didnt think of looking there! The book not only has the pattern for the hoodie but a couple of other great patterns. I am hoping that this is not going to be to difficult for me to pull off but since I am so positive and determined to do it, I think I can. Just like the Little Engine that Could. I chose a pale pink color in the Paton's Merino (of course you knew it had to be pink). Choosing a lighter color is best (in my opinion) for a cabled sweater so you can see the detail especially when you are working on it. If its too dark the cables get lost in the darkness but to each his own. Who am I to say what color it should be? Anyway JoAnn's had a coupon to get one item 50% off so I picked out an instructional DVD on how to do 2 socks on 2 circulars. It was $12 with the discount!! AWESOME! I always wanted to learn to do that and I was going to take a private lesson at my LYS but its $12 people! Much cheaper than a private lesson and it got good reviews. I learn best by watching something visually so its going to work out great. I hope there is instructions on short row heels in there too! LOL

I am proud that its only Jan 15th and I am keeping to my #1 resolution for the new year (I rather call it a goal) of constantly honing my craft. Last night I finished the pink baby girl Kimono that I have been working on for the past 5 days. Pretty quick but not as fast as I want to be. It could have been done in a couple of days but since I havent been feeling well I havent been working as efficiently as I want. I wrapped the Kimono up and put it in a lovely Disney Princess bag with some tissue paper and gave it to my DH to present to the Dr he works with. I hope he and his wife like it. Instead of sewing the ribbons on it I threaded them through the knitting and made a loop so they can be removed or tied for washing (whichever is preferred by the person who is doing the washing). I regret that I didnt take a picture and this morning after my DH left for work I cursed myself out. My mind is mush lately. Well, it looks just like the other Kimono I did except its pink with pink satiny ribbon.

My LYS is offering a class on making a baby Aran sweater and I am pondering the thought of taking it. I am not sure at the moment but I really want to. I think that I can probaby do it on my own since I made other things on my own through trial and error. So OTN's right now are the Cabled Dog Sweater which WILL be worked on tonight (I swear), the homework for my Finishing Class which is making the back, 2 front sides and 2 sleeves for a mini-sweater that will be assembled in class. It will probably be owned by my DD's Cabbage Patch doll after the class is over and the socks that I have been working on since before Thanksgiving. My great Aunt's birthday is coming up the end of February and the plan is to make her some fingerless gloves so they will be started soon also.

I have been thinking about the Afghan that has been lingering in my project bag since June. Its the pink and lavender one that I am crocheting to match the chair in my bedroom. I have NO desire to finish it. I have 3 skeins of yarn to go and I cant imagine making it any bigger without me going into convulsions of boredome from doing the same stitches millions of times over. So my idea's for this so called "Afghan" are: Give it to my cousins baby as a baby blanket or embelish it on the ends with some fancy tassles and add a loop with a bug button on it and make it a wrap for over the shoulders to use around the house on a chilly day. Two great ideas but I will probably pick the later because its much longer than it is wide and I would have to make it a bit wider if it was to be used as a baby blanket. Something to think about. I have some cute furry eyelash yarn in pink and lavender that would look great as a border around the edges! I just remembered that I had them!

I know I use lots of abbreviations in my blog but for those who have no clue what they mean here are some explainations:

LYS-local yarn store or shoppe
OTN-on the needles
WIP-work in progress
DH-dear husband or darling OR if you are in a bad mood you can substitute with another "D" word. LOL!!
DD-dear daughter
DS-dear son

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Lolly said...

I am so glad you got the book! I am working away on sleeve one right now. You will like this cable pattern - it is fun ;)