Monday, February 05, 2007

The Blue and the Grey

My DH and both kids are all on antibiotics and have been for the past week. It seems they have the cough/cold that wont relent. My DH had a chest x-ray yesterday at work and it was all clear for pnuemonia but they found that he had 2 cracked ribs from coughing up a lung the past week. The Dr finally gave him cough meds with codeine in it and he has improved greatly. I woke up this morning coughing up a lung and some nasty crap with it. Well, I avoided the plague for a month and now it seems I am sick. DH called my Mom to come up tomorrow and help with the kids because he cant call out from work again. Thank God she is coming to help me because my DD has an early dismissal and CCD tomorrow. I really dont want to be driving all over town.

February 1st marked the beginning of Project Spectrum and I already had my plans laid out. In my finishing class I am almost done with the mini-sweater that is a beautiful periwinkle blue. Then I came across the yarn that I am planning to make my Plastic Surgeons socks out of. Its Artyarns Supermerino and its a variegated baby blue and grey, perfect for project spectrum! I am going to use Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in baby blue for the cuff (maybe), heels and toes because this guy has a HUGE foot, size 12. I am almost done with one of my Dad's birthday socks and I started a TOFUTSIES sock this morning. I started them out on size 1 Addi's but they do not have a sharp enough point and the yarn was splitting so I pulled out the Knit Picks metal size 1 DPN's. They were to heavy and they are 2.50mm and I needed something smaller so I then pulled out my Lantern Moon Ebony size 1 DPN's. I proceed to knit them off the Knit Picks, gently mind you, and I broke one!! OK, now this is the 1st time I am using these and they were not cheap so I am VERY pissed. I e-mailed the company and I hope they do the right thing, which I am sure they will do because they have awesome products. NOW I am using the always reliable Crystal Palace DPN's. I do have pics to post but I dont feel well so you'll have to excuse me. I'll post them soon.

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