Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Unplanned Plastic Surgeon Visit

I was running a low grade fever last night and this morning in addition to reddness and warmth around the incision site. I called the plastic surgeon and he told me to come in so he could have a look. I had no way of getting down there because my Mom had to wait for my DD to get out of school. My DH had to leave work, pick me up and take me to the office. He checked me out and said that the site looked good and it wasnt that red and warm or I should say the type of redness that is associated with infection. I am on a very strong antibiotic (Clindamycin) and he thinks that should cover me. Fever or low grade fever is related to the lungs and congestion that develops after surgery from being intubated. Plus the surgery was 2.5 hours which I thought was going to be shorter. I have some flem that I am bringing up and he said to keep doing that and breathe deep to get the lungs moving. I cant stand surgery and I am almost finished. The next procedure is nipple reconstruction that is done under a twilight anesthesia where you are semi-conscious. Oh joy, but at least its better than general anesthesia. He even said that it could be done under local if I wanted but I dont think thats going to happen. My surgeon is going away on vacation next week and he told me that if I have any questions or concerns to bring them up to him before Sunday. If I knew he was going to take a vacation the week after my surgery then I would have made the surgery for another time when he was not going to be away. The point right now is mute so it doesnt matter. I cant change anything just hope that nothing goes wrong in the next two weeks. My next appointment with the surgeon is in 2 weeks. My DH had to return to work after he took me and I think they are going to pay him for the whole day (whew! thats great, I thought he would lose hours over this).

I got another order from on Monday, the same day I had surgery. I called them yesterday and they were very concerned about me. I told them that the order would go out on Friday or Saturday, definitely by the end of the week. They said no problem and told me to take care that they were thinking about me. I checked my supplies and I think I have just enough to get #24 out. At least I hope I do. After they pay me I have to order from FROM NATURE WITH LOVE. They usually are fast with delivery which is a great thing when you need stuff fast.

DH is off for a couple of days so maybe we can do something together like make SIAS! He is a big help to me when I have an order. We can also go to breakfast or lunch together. Its supposed to be nice tomorrow so maybe we can go to the beach.
DH has his jobs Christmas party next week and we had planned on going before I had my surgery. I still want to go but I am going to play it by ear and see how I feel. Tomorrow is my DD's Holiday Boutique at her school. I was going to scope it out to see what types of crafts people sell there. I think it would be a great place to sell my knitted and crocheted items, if I can make a bunch thats worthy! :lol:

On the knitting front I finally finished the second Pink Cascade Fiixation sock! Now I have a few others to finish, I got a great pattern for a dishcloth in the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book. I think they would be a great gift for anyone with a kitchen. They are so pretty and look harder to do than they actually are. I am not sure yet because I havent tried but this is what the book says! LOL

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