Monday, November 13, 2006


Well, I am assuming that most dont know what I am talking about when I made the title of this post, so I'll explain. When you "frog" a knitting project or crochet project or rip it back to start over its called frogging. They call it this because you "rip-it, rip-it" like the sound a frog makes so therefore frogging. I cant remember if I explained this before but there it is anyway. Last night, after working 18 rows on the body of my Lorna Laces sock I decide to try it on and guess what, it didnt fit!! I was so pissed my gauge was very off. I thought it was 8 sts per inch and it was 10. A very big difference I must say so I frogged the sock and started a pair for my daugher with my leftover Artyarns #119 (green striped ones). She is bugging me to make her a pair and when she grows out of them her brother can wear them. I finished the alpaca blend scarf and it definitely could have been longer but I couldnt take it anymore so I made the fringe long to make up for it. It was annoying the heck out of me so now its done and in the finished pile. I started another scarf with Lane Borgosesia Jacquard 55% fine merino 45% acrylic. The texture is like a knitted ribbon and very soft. Since it has this texture to it already I am making the scarf in stockinette stitch to bring out the texture and color on its own. Blocking it might be in order when I am done with but we will see when its complete. I bought the yarn (4 balls/60yds each) a long time ago at 1/2 price. I am not sure who its going to yet but that will be determined at a later date like 12/24 when I am wrapping gifts! LOL. FInally I am also going to start my sisters gift today (sometime). It will be crocheted which is a nice change of pace for me since I havent crocheted in a long time. Not sure if its a deserved gift but its Christmas so, so...

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