Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Home from the Hospital

I am home from the hospital and feeling good. I have pain but nowhere near the amount I had after the bilateral. I stayed overnight and I am sure glad I did because I was in a lot of pain after surgery. Now that I had the chance to rest in the hospital overnight I feel a lot better. No lifting or anything that gets the heartrate up for 2-3 weeks and I have to see the Dr two weeks from today. The implants are a lot softer than the expanders and feel much better under the skin. The Dr said that he thinks the swelling in my left arm and the cording and tightness will get better now that the expanders are out and not putting pressure on the armpit muscle area. He said he cant guarantee that but it did get better last time (after the bilateral) so maybe he's right. Thank God I am allowed to shower tomorrow and not like when I had the other surgery and had to waited 2 weeks!

I worked on my sock this morning while waiting for the Dr to discharge me and everyone was asking what I was making. I am always working on socks when I go to the surgeons office so he must think I have a shitload hidden in a drawer at home.

On the subject of my sister, I dont want to talk about it other than to say that I am sad she has chosen not to have a relationship with me (or other members of the family). I dont talk about the situation to hurt her or upset her because she doesnt read my blog anyway but even if she did I am not sure it would make a difference. My parents know that I have tried and so have they to open the lines of communication with her and offer her help but she has refused. You cant say that we havent tried but I still feel guilty.

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