Monday, November 27, 2006

In the Hospital before Surgery

I am actually in the hospital right now blogging from my Ambulatory surgery room. They just stuck an IV in my arm (they wanted to put it in my hand but I stopped them otherwise I couldnt knit!) Its in my right arm because of the lymphedema in my left but I can deal with it. I have dealt with worse. I have a lot to talk about but I am limited right now because the DR and the anesthesiologist will be in soon to speak to me. My Mom had a "conversation" with my sister about her behiour towards me and others and it didnt go well. I am extremely upset by this and I think my sister needs some help. I am being totally serious when I say this. Mental illness manifests itself in your mid to late twenties. My DH has dealt with a lot of mental illness in his family and he grew up with it so if anyone knows about it, he does. She definitely has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If you look it up it describes her to a T. Thats all I will say right now.

I have a HUGE migraine and I hope I have good pain control after surgery and not like the last time where I was in agony. They just told me who the anesthesiologist was and I dont know him, not a good sign. I am also not sure if I am staying overnight but I am going to try. Its not considered an admission because its under 23 hours so its no additional paperwork for the Dr.

Yesterday my Mom was over and went food shopping with me and prepared dinner for my Dad, Grandmother and Aunt. I had so much stuff to do and never really did any of it all but at least the laundry is done and the kids will have clean clothes for the week.

On the way to the hospital I stopped at the book store and bought a few knitting mags and a crochet one. I also bought MASON-DIXON knitting which is a must have for all knitters out there. If I am not in the knitting mood then I will read. Gotta keep busy! I'll try to post after surgery if I am up to it.

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