Saturday, November 18, 2006

First Haircut in 7 months

The last time I cut my hair was in April when I buzzed it in preparation for losing it from chemo. It started growing back about 6 weeks after my last treatment which was June 29, 2006. It started as peach fuzz and then started to fill in from there. Yesterday I had enough of my hair. It was a total disaster and all over the place. It was overgrown (like a hedge that needs pruning) and in need of some shine/style. I went to the same place I used to go to when I needed a trim and a wonderful girl trimmed it up nice. She did a color wash which brought back some shine and used some styling wax (something I was never able to use with my waist length curls). It was like magic! I love my hair now and I dont feel like I have to wear a hat when I go out.

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I dont like posting pics of myself but I am proud of my hair growth. I'll update when it grows a significant amount again.

I went to the plastic surgeon yesterday and signed all the papers for the surgery. I am part of a study so theres lots of paperwork. The Dr has to call and interview me about my families medical history and then I think I am ready. I also have to go for bloodwork next week in preparation for the surgery. My hand is still very swollen and I wear my compression glove when I can but it makes my hand numb if I wear it too long and I cant knit while wearing it. Still working on the Christmas gifts as quickly as I can but my DD wants me to finish her socks and she asks me if I am finished every second of the day. I should be done with them tonight if I am lucky.

My sons visit to the ENT went well and he doesnt think he needs his tonsils out just yet. He's not apnic when he's sleeping, he just snores and thats not putting him in danger. The Dr still wants me to listen to him when he sleeps. OK, like I can stay up all night and listen to him and DH snore. Well, they both keep me awake anyway so whats the difference? LOL


Virtuella said...

Hiiiiii, I love your hair!!!
Nice to hear from you!

CurlyBrunette said...

Thanks so much virtuella! I admire you and your courage also!