Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Trip to "The Big City"

This is what my 2 kids have always called NYC, the BIG CITY. Its so cute and I think my DD got it from a book that DH used to read to her when she was a baby. Its stuck and my DS picked it up now. Its adorable when they talk about it in front of people who dont know what they are talking about. When I had long hair I used to go to the place where all curly girls flocked to, DEVACHAN (salon), the brainchild of Lorraine Massey, queen of the curl. Anyway, when I had to go down there for a trim my kids would always say, "Mommy's going to the BIG CITY for a haircut!" It made people think, WOW, She must be high maintainance to get her hair cut in the city. Yeah right, first off I dont go anymore and believe me even if I did I am not high maintainance! I dont do my nails, no eyebrow waxing, nothing really. I do it all myself and have even cut my own hair when it was long enough to see the ends. (Heck I cut everyone elses in the family so why not-I'm qualified! LOL)

The reason I mentioned the BIG CITY is that we are going to see THOMAS LIVE ON STAGE today with the kids in the BIG CITY. I caught some previews on TV for it and even I am excited. I am not excited about the money I will be spending on parking and souvenirs. Its going to be very hot too and ever since getting back from the Yarn Harlot event (pictures soon people) its been hurting more and more to the point I am having difficulty walking. Its scaring me because it reminds me of the pain I had before my back surgery in 2003. I have an appointment on Tues with a new Dr and I am praying for some good news.
All I have to do is decide which knitting project to bring and not have confiscated at the door of the theater due to the killing nature of the knitter in the wild with her Addi Turbos! Give me a break people, they arent even that sharp! Now if I was using my KNITPICKS DPN's those suckers are so sharp that you can probably do some major damage.

I just remembered that the show OSWALD was about an octopus that used to be on Nickalodeon every morning when my DD was a baby. He refers to THE BIG CITY in the cartoon! Thats where she got it from. Well, I have to get going and get ready. Hopefully I will have somepictures up tomorrow of my finds from WEBS, all that happened in Northampton, and some cute pictures of Thomas. All I have to do is decide which camera lenses to bring with me!

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