Friday, June 15, 2007

T Minus 2 Hours

Its almost time for me to leave for the hospital. I am nervous but I would be worried if I wasnt nervous. I brought all my good luck stuff that has come with me to all my surgeries in the past such as my Build A Bear Boxer named Baley. All the Dr's and nurses get a kick out of him when they see him on my bed especially when I am in the recovery room waking up from surgery and there is this stuffed dog dressed up in scrubs like the surgeon! Its a sight to behold I tell you. I am not sure when I will be coming home but I am guesstimating Saturday or Sunday if I am not having to much pain. Say a prayer and see you all then!

PS:I also made sure to bring my knitting. I brought my Entrelac scarf to fool around with, my Spring Fling sock, Tidalwave sock, Tofutsies sock, DH's Jaywalker and thats it. I think I have enough! LOL.

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Curly Cable said...

I sending you postive and well wishes, sounds like you have lots of lovely knitting to help keep your mind of things ;-)