Thursday, June 07, 2007

More Waiting

On Tuesday I went to see the other neurosurgeon to see what he had to say about the tumor in my leg. He reviewed my MRI and did a full exam then told me that it has to be removed and he can do it. He also was nothing like the other ass of a Dr I had seen previously. Now I am just waiting for a surgery date which they are trying to get me next week because the Dr is going away the following week. Yesterday I had to go to the hospital to have an ultrasound of my leg and also have the ultrasound that was already planned for my GYN to take a look at my ovaries. I have a pelvic ultrasound every year just to keep an eye out for anything abnormal since I had breast cancer. The GYN called me today and said that the preliminary report was normal and she was waiting for the final to come in but didnt expect anything out of the norm. After I had the ultrasounds I had to stop at my GP's office to see if I could get an exam to be pre-certified for the surgery. Its funny because I never needed to do that before but since I turned 36 in April I need the authorization of my general practicioner before any surgery by another Dr. You couldnt believe what I had to do just to get a simple exam. Thinking about it makes my head hurt more than it already does so I'll just skip it and say I got it done. It took a few hours but I got my blood drawn, an EKG and an exam done yesterday. Now this morning the receptionist told me that she didnt think it was possible that I could have this surgery next week...but in the same sentence said that she would try. WHAT?? Is the whole world losing their minds? She said that she would call me this morning and its now 2pm. I am holding back from calling her because I dont want to be a pain in her behind.

Last night I was going to blog but after running around all day with all the stress I had a HUGE migraine and got into bed and into the fetal position. I couldnt even knit. The horror! Tonight I have my Starry Night Shawl class with Jane Elliot. I have all my supplies that I need to bring including the yarn which is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Heavyweight in Pink Granite, different size needles (3,4 and 5's) because I am not sure what size to use yet, and crochet hooks from size D to G. The main work on this shawl is done in DPN's and get this, 10 INCH DPN's!! These babies are weapons! I havent bought them yet because the class tonight is going to be deciding what size needles we are going to be using. There are 6 people in the class and I cant wait to see who they are and if I know anyone from previous classes.

Currently I am finishing up my BM socks because the next kit is going out June 18th so I have to finish these before I start June's kit. I also have a deadline on the sweater I am making for my cousin who is turning a year. His birthday party is the end of the month so I have some time. I bought 2 buttons to match the yarn perfectly because I dont think a one year old boy would appreciate ribbons on his sweater.

I am sure I'll have a lot to say about the class later on. I just hope that I dont miss any future classes due to my surgery. I have to speak to the teacher and see if there is any way I can make up a class if I happen to miss one.

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