Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Tidalwave of Change

BREAKING NEWS: "A Tidalwave washed over a pre-school graduation forcing all in its wake to go down a slippery slide wearing colorful Project Spectrum Bracelets" Also in todays news: "A nervous woman waits patiently for her pathology results to come in"

I thought that this would make a nice title but was way to long. At least I still have my sense of humor. LOL.
Here are some pictures of the bracelets I mentioned:

A Purple/Orange Bracelet for Aug/Sept Project Spectrum (a little early but what do you want!)
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A Red and Metallic bracelet for June/July Project Spectrum. I gave this one to my Mom to go with all her red outfits.
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Yesterday was my son's graduation from Pre-School and it was so cute! I am so glad that I was able to make it. I wasnt able to sit on the chairs properly but I made it and thats all that counts. It lasted 30 minutes and then the kids went back to eat lunch. Here are some pics of him receiving his diploma and then showing Daddy.
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While I was in the hospital my DH did a little shopping. We had discussed buying this ONCE before but agreed that we would pass on it because we had the pool to take care of and it wasnt cheap. We had to replace the motor on the pool this year but since my Mom gave one to my DH for his birthday, he thought that meant it was OK to get this...SLIDE. After seeing the kids playing on it and having so much fun I dont regret his purchase. Actually, I cant wait until my leg heals so I can go down the slide. There is a weight limit of 200lbs so even DH makes the cut (barely!).
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Kali waving from the top of the slide. This is the view from my deck.
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Sticking to the theme of water and changes, here are my completed BlueMoon Fiber Arts April Sock. Its not the Grasshopper pattern that came with the kit but this one suits the colors much better (in my humble opinion). Its called TIDALWAVE from SWTC and its a patten thats made to go with their TOFUTSIES yarn. I dont think the wool/silk fiber is a good choice for the lacey pattern of the Grasshoppers because it doesnt have the elasticity to hold themselves up on your legs. It is a great pattern for 100% wool sock though or even a sock made from Cascade Fixation Yarn.
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It was difficult to get good shots of my legs due to the surgery and my inability to get them in the proper position for a good picture. I also didnt block the socks which makes it harder to see the "Tidalwave" pattern. I loved this pattern so much that I want to make them again using my other BM yarns.

Currently I am waiting for the Dr to call me with the results of the biopsy. The surgery went well and he had to cut my sciatic nerve in 2 spots in order to remove the tumor. I went into surgery a little before 12pm and came out around 5pm. A long intricate surgery is what he described it as. I had my favorite anesthesiologist which made me feel more comfortable. He was actually the same anesthesiologist I had for my back surgery back on March 19th of 2003. The day after the surgery the surgeon came to see me. He was amazed at the fact that I was able to move my leg so well and have full sensation in both my leg and foot. He said that generally people who have had this procedure have difficulty walking or even just walking so soon after surgery. His amazement with my progress made me feel good but the pain is whats bothering me at the moment.

I forgot to add a FABULOUS website that sells the most beautiful handpainted yarn! If you love the Loopy Ewe (which I do) you'll love shopping at WoolGirl. I put the link in my sidebar. Go check her out. I purchased some yarn there the other day and it literally got here in the blink of an eye! Pictures of the yarn to come. (I cant give you too much at once, right? Then what would you look forward to? Hmm?)

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there (sorry this is sooo late!) I bought my DH some really nice (and colorful) polo shirts which he practically lives in. I bought my Dad a funny T-Shirt that says something about Grandparents being parents without rules. Its really cute. I told him that I will knit him something nice when the weather gets cooler. He loved the socks I made for his birthday so I think he requested a "thinner" knit on his next pair. I can do that. As soon as I finish knitting a milion other things! LOL


Kay said...

Your Wild Tide socks look great. I like the red bracelet, too!

CurlyBrunette said...

Thanks Kay! I loved knitting that pattern, it was so much fun!

Knit Me said...

What Kay said. :b I really like the pattern that you chose. It definitely highlights the yarn. I can't wait to see the June kit.

Busy hands will soon be busy feet. And the slide is totally a motivator. Keep healing and sock on!

Curly Cable said...

I love the tidalwave socks, they look fabulous in the April kit yarn! Your slide looks a lot of fun and congratulations to your son on his graduation, he is so cute! Hope the pains in your leg start to disappear now the lump has been removed! Take care of yourself and keep up the lovely knitting!

Holly said...

We are all with you on "there will be" positive news from the pathologist.
Meanwhile, as long as you are knitting and beading we know that you are healing.
Take care and don't push it too fast.

CurlyBrunette said...

I cant believe I forgot to mention that the pattern is from SWTC and is called TIDALWAVE! I know I put it in the title of the post but I have to put it next to the picture so readers know what its called. Sorry about that! Thanks Knit me, CC and Holly for the lovely compliments & well wishes. The knitting makes me feel better so I will definitely keep it up!

gypsyknits said...

I skipped over from BMFA sock club. I haven't finished the grasshopper socks yet but I must say your's are gorgeous. My DH had emergency spine surgery last year and is still healing and in a brace. So it's a delicate surgery and I'm glad to hear to you came through ok. Now I'll keep you in my thoughts while you wait for the pathology test. Take care and keep on knittin'.