Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Countdown to The Harlot

As I type these words I am in the process of getting packed up and ready to leave for the Yarn Harlot event hopefully before lunchtime. I am so excited!! Since I am leaving early I am going to try and get some yarn shopping done at WEBS before the crowds come. If I cant get it dont before the event then I will just have to do it tomorrow before I leave to come home. Oh, the torture!! LOL. I hear that WEBS is a HUGE yarn warehouse (50,000 Square feet) and that the store itself is 5,000 Square Feet! Thats bigger than any LYS that I have ever been in. No more time to blog, gotta pack, shower and decide what knitting I am going to bring with me! Thats going to be harder than deciding what clothes I am going to wear! Oh, and the list of yarns that I want to buy! Cant forget that! See ya soon!

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Curly Cable said...

Wow, 50,000 square feet of yarn space, and 5,000 shop space be careful you don't drown, It looks like your in for fun time. Enjoy it, look forward to seeing your pics when you get back!