Sunday, May 13, 2007

Early Mother's Day Gift

My DH and the kids surprised me tonight with my Mothers Day gift early. I told DH that I didnt really need anything and not to spend a lot of moneyon a gift. I love plants and flowers so that would have sufficed. I also mentioned that I was very content with the camera and all the lenses I have for it. It does everything I want it to do. He kept asking about the camera and what other accessories I wanted to get. So guess what he bought me? Yup, a tripod for my camera (which I do need because I always want to take family pics and I am never included in them because I am taking them!) and another battery for backup because I only have one. I was so happy with this gift I immediately started fooling around and took a few of us and the kids with the dogs in our living room. They are so cute! I have to load them onto the computer but I am going to wait until after tomorrow because we are getting together with the extended family and I want to try and get a big picture of everyone. I dont think we have done that in a very long time. Last time we took that big of a family picture was when my Grandparents were married 50 years and that was when I was 16 or 17 years old. Take my word for it, it was a long time ago.

I finished making the gifts for my Mom, Aunt and Grandmother whom I usually give a plant or flowers to. This year I made my Grandmother the green necklace that I posted a pic of a few days ago. My Mom I cant mention because she reads my blog but I did make her something and bought her something also. One other thing I made her wont be ready by tomorrow and she'll have to wait because I am not sure when it will be ready. I bought my Aunt something from Crabtree & Evelyn that comes in a little accessory bag that you can use for makeup or anything really when you are done with the lotions inside.

Tonight I also made some Breast cancer pins out of polymer clay. I have never worked with it before and I had a blast making the pins. I am going to give them out tomorrow to the women at my cousins house. What better way to celebrate all the women in our life than to make people more aware of breast cancer that takes women who are our mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, Aunts, cousins, wives and friends from us each and every day.

I finally decided on a pattern for the BM Walking on the Wild Tide Colorway. Drum roll please...
The pattern is Tidalwave sock from SWTC. The pattern is supposed to be used with SWTC's yarn, Tofutsies. I noticed it on another blog of a Rockin' Sock Club member and I not only thought that they looked great but the name of the pattern fits the colorway to a T. I mean how can you get a better name than TIDALWAVE? You cant, its perfect. Its an easy pattern to follow and I love it. i thought about doing it toe-up with a garter stitch short row toe like the Monsoon socks (I LOVE garter toes and heels because they are the cushioniest -is that a word? and also they wont wear as fast as a stockingette toe or heel) but I didnt because I thought it would take away from the pattern. The true beauty of this yarn is lost with the Grasshopper pattern (just my opinion). You needed really sharp points to your needles when doing the YO, P2tog and P2tog, YO stitches because they formed very tightly around the needles.

My son is much better today then yesterday. No more vomiting and a low grade fever is all that remains. He ate well and held down his food all day. My DD said her tummy hurt a few times but nothing came of it so I am not going to worry about her until she gets sick.

Better get back to some knitting before I fall asleep!


Curly Cable said...

Happy Mother's Day, what lovely presents you received, both lovely and will last for years to come, far longer than flowers! Look forward to seeing your pictures of all your family soon! Well done on making presents rather than buying them, far nicer and I am sure your grandmother will be delighted with the gorgeous green necklace and I look forward to seeing what you made your mum, We have a shop near us that sells Crabtree & Evelyn bath products near to us, lovely shop and gorgeous products! Good for you on making the Breast Cancer pins, it certainly important to keep the awareness of this in people minds. I'm glad you have found a pattern you like to make with the STR Kit no 2, Good luck with it, look forward to seeing your pictures soon.
Take care Tracy x

CurlyBrunette said...

I promise to post the pictures as soon as possible! Hope you had a great weekend also. The weather was perfect here in the low 70's. I love the tripod because now I can be in the pictures I take. LOL