Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I went to see the Orthopedic surgeon yesterday and he pissed me off. First he says that yes, I have a tumor thats coming on/off my sciatic nerve. That type of tumor thats made of nerve tissue is called a Schwannoma. He then says that he wants to proceed with caution because of my history and consult an oncologist at Yale that deals with these types of tumors. I said that its causing me a lot of pain and it needs to come out right? He agreed but I think that getting it out without damaging the nerve is the most difficult part. At one point he backtracted and said that physical therapy would help me. NOT! There is no way in hell that I am going to go through PT and torture myself without having this thing in my leg removed 1st. Crazy talk. Now I am awaiting his phone call to see what happens next.

Here are some pictures of some (more) sock yarn that I ordered from BMFA. The one closest to the camera is called Pink Granite and its heavyweight Rockin Sock Yarn. I am planning on using it for my Starry Night Shawl Class with Jane Elliot thats coming up in June. I am both excited and nervous about it because it a "challenging" class and more importantly you have to know Kitchner!! Ahhhhh!! Ok, I know it already from doing all those sock toes but I still will be using my cheat sheets! LOL.
The other yarn in the picture on the sides (red and green yarns) are Colinette Jitterbug.
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This is the Vesper sock yarn that I won on eBay:
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Today I had my appointment with the Plastic Surgeon for tattooing and more importantly I gave him his socks. These are my DH's size 10.5 feet modeling size 12 socks:
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He was so excited about the socks it was like a little kid on Christmas morning! Those things make all the hard work and staying up late to finish all worth it. I am so happy that he liked them as much as he did. The first thing he said was, "Look at all the detail in them!" Everyone in the office was taken with them also and it started a conversation about knitting. I also made the receptionist thats been dealing with my insurance company a bracelet and earings with pink stones and swarovski crystals. She loved it also and couldnt thank me enough. These people work damn hard to help me and they deserve all the gifts I can shower on them. On the way home from his office I stopped by Knitting Central to pick up the Lucy Neatby DVD I ordered along with her Falling Leaves scarf pattern. The DVD is the GEMS 2 and the reason I wanted it is because it has instruction for Japanese Shortrows which I have been trying to learn to no avail.

As I was leaving the Orthopedists office yesterday I was a bit upset and depressed. In a way I felt abandoned because I had thought that this guy was going to help me. I know that I had said I wasnt going to get another haircut before it grew to touch my shoulders but I lied. I apologize and I dont feel bad about it either. I went to a real hair stylist in Greenwich who charged me more than I usually pay but was well worth it because I walked out of there in love with my hair again. I took a few pictures and the first one is blurry but it gives you the best picture of the style. I am not sure why I couldnt focus correctly but I think it was because I was using the tripod. Definitely my fault but you get the picture.

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The tattoo artist today kept complimenting my skin. This is the 3rd person that has told me how nice my skin is and I am so blown away by that. While I was in high school and college I always had pimples and in my opinion, bad skin. I never had full blown acne all over my face but still its not what I would consider good skin. They all want to know my secret and here it is: I use the Aveeno Cleansing pads at night to wash my make-up off, Clearasil face wash in the morning, & Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream after cleansing. Once a week I use St Ives Apricot Scrub and a clay mask with Bentonite to absorb oil and dirt. Thats it, no big deal. I was using the Nutrogena Anti Wrinkle and Anti Blemish Cream with Retinol before I discovered how much I liked the Aveeno Cream. I still like it but just use it less. Now that I have given away my secrets they're not worth anything! LOL I just wanted people to know that you dont need to use a million types of creams on your face to get results. Maybe using too many is counterproductive? Who knows but there you have it.

Yesterday we took the kids to see Shrek the Third. It was cute and funny but the 1st and 2nd were definitely better. I dont think it was the best of the bunch. There were some cute scenes at the end but I dont want to give anything away here. Next movie on my list of movies to see is PIRATES!! I CANT WAIT for that to come out! I think its opening on the 25th.
Next week is the Yarn Harlot Event and I am still planning to go even though this whole thing with my leg isnt settled yet. I am thinking positive. Elizabeth ZImmerman had said something about knitting on through all crisis and thats what I plan on doing.


Curly Cable said...

Sorry to hear that the Orthopedic surgeon wasn't much help to you and I hope he doesn't keep you waiting too long with news of the next step forward. Your BMF skeins look fantastic, lovely colours and I love the vesper yarn to. The socks that you made the Plastic Surgeon are absoloutely fabulous and I bet they are a firm favourite already. Our thoughtful of you to make gifts for the people who have helped you, I bet they are really appreciated, something kinda special are hand-made gifts. Your hair is looking fabulous, fantastic style and super shiny too. thanks for the tips on the face care, i'll check the products you use out, be good to get into a regular cleansing regime, I tend to be a bit slap-dash. Enjoy your Yarn harlot event, knitting really is the best kind of therapy!

CurlyBrunette said...

Thanks CC, they sure did love the handmade stuff. I agree that handmade things are so much nicer than store bought stuff. Its funny that there are people who dont agree but those are the people I dont make anything for! LOL. Thanks for the compliments on my hair. Its the 1st time in a while that I actually like my hair again.