Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006, the Year in Review and 2007's Goals

I was thinking all day about what kind of post I wanted to make as the last one of 2006. It could be about the year in review but I might bore everyone to death if I do that. It could be about what I accomplished in this year and even though it was overall a very difficult year I think I learned a lot about myself and others. I learned that one cant judge someones situation just by looking at them. You never knows whats going on in someone elses life unless they tell you whats going on. I learned not to complain about petty things, well at least not obsess about them! I learned that my hair is not as important as I thought it was but I sure do miss it! I taught myself how to knit and not just knit and purling. I have progressed to sock making and found that I am addicted to sock making and yarn hording also. One can never have to much sock yarn! I think that if I didnt get sick I might not have discovered knitting. Some might think this is crazy but knitting has changed my life. When I am stressed I knit, when I am bored I knit. I knit in the car, at the doctors offices, the therapists office, friends houses, my Mom's house and anywhere else you can think of knitting. Oh, dont forget crocheting also. I have learned who my real friends are :waving: and who are not. I have even realized that I have a sister who doesnt give a sh*t if I live or die and I am not exaggerating when I say this, its the truth.

I have goals for 2007 but you have to realize that for the past 7+ years there has been something medically wrong with me every year and it seems that each year the diagnosis get worse. Its hard to be positive but I am going to be. So here are some of the goals for the new year:

1) Start going to the gym again and losing the weight I gained during chemo.
2) Get a tatoo commemorating my journey through breast cancer this past year. I am still trying to decide what kind I want and find someone who will do it where I want it.
3) Take more knitting classes to expand my knowledge and skills in knitting. Starting in January I am taking a Dog Cabled Sweater class and I am so excited about it!
4) Go to the STITCHES EAST 2007 knitting conference with my knitting buddies.
5) Join the BLUEMOON FIBER ARTS SOCK CLUB (which I am pre-registered for) and actually knit the sock patterns they send me even if they are challenging. If I get stuck I can go to my LYS and ask my sock guru (Sally) to help me out. Complete at least one pair a month, at least I said.
6) Learn to knit a sock toe-up
7) Learn short rows in sock knitting.
8) Make a sweater for my husband and myself
9) Be a kinder and more compassionate person
10) Still try to get a job at a yarn store no matter how many times they say, "we dont need anyone right now."
11) Go to the dentist (havent been in over 2 years)
12) Garden more.
13) Try to pay bills ontime (this one is a losing battle)
14) I am sure there are more but I cant think right now and I didnt want to end on #13, call me suspicious.

Happy New Year to all!

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