Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve

Yesterday we went to my Moms for Christmas Eve dinnner. We arrived before everyone else except my Great Aunt who had slept over the night before so my Dad wouldnt have to drive her home to late when all the drunk a** people are on the road.
My sister was there already, because she lives there. She's 29 and still with Mommy and Daddy-just a tad embarrassing in my book. No offense to anyone else who lives with their Mom and Dad because I know that everyones circumstances are different and I shouldnt judge but its my sister so I'm allowed to pass comments!

She remained up in her room hiding until we were done with the antipasto and working on the second course of the meal! My Mom had told me that her boyfriends Dad wasnt feeling well and he and my sisters boyfriend were staying home. When my sister finally came downstairs to join the living my cousin asked her about her missing boyfriend and she told him that his Dad's prostate cancer had spread to his bones and he was in a lot of pain with is back. This is old news with him because he has been treated for years with baby doses of chemo (which my DH said is not the way to treat his type of cancer and actually predicted this would happen because his Dr wasnt treating him properly. He even offered his help to him when he first told him about his health a few years ago but never took DH up on the offer) which my sister was taking him for every Wednesday and thats one of the reasons or I should say excuses she used when I needed her to help me. I have a lot of anger not only toward my sister for doing what she did but also toward this man who she chose over her own sister to help when I needed it most. I must admit I wasnt feeling to empathetic towards his plight yesterday. The funny thing is that when she was telling my cousin the details of what was going on with him, I heard her voice get very emotional and upset and I actually thought that she was going to cry! OK, now my blood was boiling. She never cried or let alone expressed any emotion like that about her own sister and she's doing it for a man who is not even her family? Thats why when people use the excuse for her that people react differently and strange when a loved one has a serious illness and they dont know what to say, blah blah bullsh*t, I say thats a load of crapola because look at the situation I just mentioned.

I forgot to mention, when she finally came down to join us she greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and said, "Merry Christmas, I have to talk to you when the kids arent around", I thought for a split second that I would get an apology. Later she said, "I wanted to know if you got the kids any toys with batteries because I bought rechargables and the charger and if you dont want it or have one already I can return it." Thats it, thats what she wanted to tell me in private. I havent seen my sister since the beginning of the summer and have had chemo, numerous surgeries, ER vists, without her giving two sh*ts and this is what she says to me? The entire night she pretended that there was no problems between us (queen of denial) and just had small talk but not much because we avoided each other. I just didnt want to cause any rage inside me to biuld up and make a scene. I wanted so badly to say something to her but I didnt want to ruin my Mom's dinner that she worked so hard all day to prepare. My DH happen to notice that she (my sister) escaped to her room a few times and when was taking DS to the bathroom he caught her coming out of her room with a cloud of smoke behind her. Now that would be a great explaination for her being so calm. Just thought I would add that in.

In other news, everyone liked my hair and commented on it all night. They said that it looks almost jet black and wanted to know if I dyed it! I kept saying no but my grandmother didnt believe me. She kept saying, "Is that your natural color?" I cant tell you how many times she asked. It was getting annoying after the 3rd time and she was getting kind of nasty because she thought I wasnt telling the truth. Others were saying how the curls are growing in nicely and that when it gets longer its going to look great

My Dad was the only one that said, "Oh its nice and WAVY, like it used to be when it was long." OK, no offense to wavies out there but my hair was not wavy, it was curly and spiraling curls mind you. Where the heck did he get wavy. We went back and forth about it for a few minutes and then my Mom said to him that my hair was curly like hers and how come he didnt remember? I said, "You cant even remember my hair? I cant believe you cant remember it.

We exchanged gifts with the people who were not going to be there for Christmas dinner today. All the people that I made gifts for LOVED their hand made gifts. My cousin LOVED the brown scarf with fall color stripes that I crocheted and said he had a brown winter coat to match! Then his girlfriend opened hers and she loved her wrist warmers and scarf. I wasnt sure if she would like the scarf because its a plush, soft semi-fuzzy yarn mixed with a Crystal Palace yarn that shimmers with little tied on ribbons. Its retro style and I thought since she is the youngest that she would get the most use out of it and I was right. My Great Aunt LOVED her scarf and so did my Uncle and his wife. I didnt give my parents, grandmother or sisters gifts out yesterday because we will go over my Mom's a little earlier before dinner and open them. I cant wait to see the kids faces when they see what Santa brought them! Yup, they are still asleep if you can believe it. They went to bed very late last night and so did I.

I was surprised that it went as well as it did last night without a major fight but we still have the entire day today to screw it up.

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