Wednesday, March 28, 2007

WIP's and Me

I havent really had any interesting finished objects to post here lately but I have lots of WIP's (works in progress) for the non-fiber addicts out there! I received my Knitpicks Palette a few weeks ago and cant wait to use them. I think the majority will turn into mittens, socks, hats and scarves because of the guage and the needle they advise you to use (#1-#3). I can see some great Fair Isle in the future.
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My cousins birthday was a couple of Sunday's ago and I crocheted this scarf for her from Lion Brand Microspun and Crystal Palace FX. I was so happy that I was able to find a use for the FX and that she liked it! It was so fast and easy to make and it satisfied my need to crochet.
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This is my plastic surgeons socks in progress. I had a slight problem and had to frog back and fix it but all is well now. I am using Artyarns Supermerino and a baby cable rib pattern. So far they are coming out great and I hope he likes them. The colors of blue and grey represent PROJECT SPECTRUM for the months of Feb/March. I am not sure that I will be done with them by the end of this month but they still count!
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The Blue Moon Feb Sock is coming out nicely also. I have to take breaks from it due to the fact that I am using 0's and its hard on my hand. They do look a bit like something I wont mention but I think you get the picture. I think the Yarn Harlot had posted a picture with the sock in an upright position but I will spare you that image! LOL.
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This is my first go at Entrelac and I am loving it. I hear that you either love it or hate it, no in between. The book scarf style has a great pattern called the LADY ELEANOR STOLE thats all entrelac and I want to make it so badly! I need to keep practicing and then I can get started on it. I originally bought 8 skeins of Noro Silk Garden to make Clapotis from KNITTY but now I am thinking I will make the LADY E STOLE with it. Its still up in the air because I have a bunch of other yarns I can use like Patons SWS in a beautiful pink & green colorway. Yesterday I bought a couple of skeins of Karaoke by SWTC thats similar to both the SWS and Noro. If I mix them up they might look really nice also. This sample is Lambs Pride Worsted Wool and Tahki Yarns "Shannon". They look pretty good together. The only pain in the butt is when you have to change colors. Thats why using a variegated yarn that changes on its own is probably better.
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Last but not least with the picture posting I have a progress pic of my hair growth.
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I took that picture this morning before my son got off the bus and decided to throw a HUGE boulder at it. Luckily it didnt break a window or hurt anyone but it wiped the smile right off my face. His behavior hasnt been very good lately and I had a conference with his teacher yesterday. He goes to special ed and has been for 2 years. This is his second year and he has improved greatly with his speech. He now talks VERY well but his behavior and attention span is what needs work. She said that he is extremely smart and intelligent and even helps her run the class because he knows the whole routine. The problem is that he is bouncing off the walls when it comes time to do an activity or skill like sitting and writing. They use special strategies to help him along with this but its getting worse. He has to be further evaluated by their team to see if its a ADD or ADHD related problem. Then I have to bring him to the pediatrician to see what we can do to make him better and believe me medication would be the last option I would chose. His teacher also reminded me that he has no control over this and you cant punish him when he does these things. When he throws rocks at the bus you can certainly reprimand him though! Thats unacceptable behavior in this house and will not be tolerated. He is supposed to start Kindergarten in September and I am stressing over lots of things related to that. They might need an extra teachers aide in the classroom and if they do I think now only will it benefit my son but will also help the other kids in the class. Anyway, this is whats been driving me crazy and its also affecting my DD. I had her parent/teacher conference yesterday and the teacher told me that when they do writers workshop and talk about what they are doing in their lives my DD always talks about her brother and how he causes trouble and so on. Some of the stories are about her going to the park with him but its almost like she cant think of anything else and she does do other things with me and her father that she can talk about. We do crafts, read together, had a bowling party and go over other family members houses all the time. I think I need to have one day a week where her and I do something without the boys. Maybe go to a movie or shopping would be nice. She needs more attention and thats what we have to give her. I am anxiously awaiting for a phone call from my sons teacher.

Today I received a thank you card for the green baby kimono I made my friend. She wrote, "Thank you for the beautiful crocheted sweater you made." First of all it was very nice of her to send a thank you but its KNITTED not CROCHETED!!! Does that sound like some type of elitist knitting statement? I am always the one advocating for the crocheter with my knitting friends so why would I feel insulted that she thought it was crocheted? I probably need to crochet a little more!

The Nancy Bush class is quickly approaching and I am so excited about it. I have all my supplies and I am ready to learn.
Tomorrow is sign up for the Lucy Neatby COOL SOCK class in May. I REALLY hope I get into it because they are limited to a certain number of people.

I finally gave in and orderd the MORE SENSATIONAL SOCKS BOOK from AMAZON. I also picked up some books on making crochet bags and a book on knitting by Maggie Righetti (I think thats her name). They said that the entire order shipped yesterday so I should get it tomorrow. My Grandmother has had a few falls in the past few weeks so I decided NOT to make her slippers or slipper socks. I couldnt live with myself if anything happens to her while wearing my socks.


Curly Cable said...

Sorry to hear you have been having behaviour problems with your son, which is affecting your daughter too, as if you don't have enough to cope with, I do not have children, so I can't really advice, but do have friends with children who are hyperactive and suffer ads, so I do understand the difficulties you are having and also it can be the lack of understanding from others, that is more upsetting!

CurlyBrunette said...

Thanks CC. He's behaving much better since the incident the other day. I think that he is realizing that kind of behavior is not acceptable. I love my kids so much and I want to protect them from anything that can hurt them and its so hard when he acts like this. I hope and pray that he is ready for Kindergarten in the Fall.