Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Its HERE!!!!

Yes, the minute after I posted I heard a bang at my door and my dogs went wild. I knew it was my sock kit, I just knew it! Right on time too! Since my surgery is tomorrow I have lots of knitting to get done afterwards! I am totally determined to make this sock the way the pattern suggests and I am very excited about it. I have NEVER done a toe up or short row heels so there are two things that I am going to have to learn. They suggest a gauge of 8sts/1" so I looked at a sock I made with mediumweight STR and a size 1 Addi Turbo (which is really a 1.5 because its 2.5mm, not 2.25mm) and it measured at a gauge of 7sts/1". I think I am going to be using 0's. We will see how it turns out. Here is a picture of my kit:
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The colorway is called Monsoon and my ballband says, "dont let the grass grow underneath your feet"
I already rolled it up and its ready to go. I want to start right now but I am working on finishing my Dad's socks because his birthday is tomorrow. I plan on starting it tonight when the kids go to bed and there is some peace and quiet around here.

I forgot to mention that when I was in the 2 yarn shops yesterday the owners of both complimented me on my CALORIMETRY. The one that I made with Artyarns Supermerino. They kept asking me where I got the pattern and I told them about KNITTY. I found it quite funny that only Cynthia knew about KNITTY. The other shop owner who is a young girl who you would think would be up on that stuff, knew nothing about it. She had me write it down for her so she could investigate. I cant wait to see a bunch of ladies in Greenwich wearing their CALORIMETRIES! I was also excited to get someone else addicted to knitty. Its my absolute favorite knitting place on the web especially the coffeeshop where you can meet other knitters and share ideas. I have to mention that I bought a hank of Artyarns Supermerino (104 yds) for 95 cents less in 'upscale' Greenwich than in Westport where I usually buy my yarn. Weird right? Iris, who owns Artyarns, just put out some gorgeous new colors and I bought a pink and off white colorway. I want to make another CALORIMETRY or the DREAMSWATCH from the Garter Belt. I also have seen it on others blogs and I really like the way it looks as a headwrap. It can be used as a belt or scarf also. The only thing is that they call for 150 yards and a size 5 needle and I only have 104 yards. If you use the 150 yards it comes out 49" so I think with what I have, even though it will be shorter, it will still be able to wrap around my head. My head is not that big! LOL


Andi said...

The spring issue of Knitty is online! I've been drooling ovr the patterns while wasting time at work.

I'm a sock club newbie, just finished a swatch and I love the STR yarn!!

BeccaU said...

Hello from another CT knitter! I found your blog from the socks that rock blog - yay on getting your packagE!! Isn't it great?!

CurlyBrunette said...

I am so excited and this is my 1st toe up and short row heel! I started tonight and I did the toe! Now I am on the foot part of the pattern. I am liking this toe up way of doing socks! Hope you all have fun and happy knitting!

Curly Cable said...

Hi, hope everything went well last Thursday, I'm still waiting for my STR package in the UK Doh!!! but looking at yours, I'm even more excited than ever!!! I never done toe up socks before either or short row heels, so it'll be a new learning curve for me too!!!