Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Did someone hear a frog?

I cant tell you how many projects I have frogged in the past few days. I wasnt happy with what I was making and frogged most of them. The good news is that I was not that far into any of them. The ARTYARNS Socks for my Dr and the Blue Moon February Sock are still in the works. My dogs unfinished sweater is lingering in the backround gathering some dust but its almost done. I stopped by my LYS, Knitting Central today on the hunt for a tank top pattern for my Tilli Thomas disco lights in Dusty Rose. My goal is to have it finished for a dinner party DH and I were invited to at the end of April. There is a great pattern book with 21 crochet patterns from Tahki Stacy Charles that I bought. Its the 2007 collection and I love every pattern in that book. Crocheting is much easier for me than knitting and I have made many things freeform so I feel very comfortable working with these patterns.

On Sunday we went to my cousins for her, her husbands and her sons birthday. In just 2 days I crocheted a scarf for her with some Lion Brand Microspun in lavender and Crystal FX in purple. The pattern was lacey made up of chains and single crochet. The ends of the scarf I tied into a trellis instead of having the tassels hang. I was very happy with how it came out and will post pictures in the near future of it (and a few other things). I am to lazy to upload any to the computer right now due to a horrible migraine.

My DH surprised me today with a little present. Its not my birthday or any special occasion and he hasnt done anything like this in a long time so I was very surprised when he handed me a book called KNIT Handmade Style by Janine Flew. I havent really heard of this book or the designers in it but its a very nice book with cute patterns.

My grandmothers birthday is in less than a month and I have not yet started on her gift. I am planning slippers/slipper socks for her but cant decide on a pattern and its driving me crazy. There are so many out there to chose from so someone help me make up my mind!!

I am also trying to teach myself Entrelac which is not supposed to be difficult but I am finding it so.


Redheadskydiver said...

That's so nice of your DH to surprise you! I don't think mine would ever be inspired enough to buy me a knitting book. How about some of those felted clogs for grandma? They also look really cute and are easy.

CurlyBrunette said...

I think most husbands of knitters will eventually come around and buy them something related to knitting. I have faith in yours! I actually have the felted clog pattern by fiber trends as on of my choices but she's not into clogs (due to them not having a real back for support) and I have a strange feeling she might fall in them. I couldnt live with myself if that happened because she is always falling. Thanks redheadskydiver for your input!